Branding vs SEO – Is One More Important Than the Other?

Branding can be referred to as an off-page SEO, as building your brand helps search engines understand your website’s credibility in your particular niche.

As you build your brand, you will find that you earn links the natural way, as well as mentions from across the internet.

And, every bit as important to your website is your on-page SEO, which you can provide simply by creating relevant and helpful content that answers your site’s visitor’s questions.

Simply finding unique questions to answer your potential customer’s needs would be ideal for local businesses.

1.) The Best Tooth Removal Dentist in Scarborough, Ontario

2.) The Top 7 Workouts to Grow Your Biceps

3.) 24/7 Locksmith, Markham, Ontario

In other words, create more focused specific content that will help find your business more potential customers organically in search engines.

Is SEO Part of Branding?

While local and basic SEO are vital to any website, as it definitely plays a very important role in branding your local business (which in turn helps search engines decide how to rank your site), the typical monthly SEO packages that are being sold as a quick fix for a site’s poor ranking can be quite a different story. And, here’s why…

Many of the SEOs try to manipulate search engine’s signals.

Most SEOs seem to be caught up in technical theory, and the technical theory that they like, because it has been there traditionally, is that it’s all about the links. That’s because that was the first signal that it was a big deal; the votes that a particular website was more popular than another.

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So, the SEOs try to figure out a way to make links. Maybe they make some fake sites and they put links to another company on them.

Well, backlinks used to be a vital ranking signal alone to search engines until it became obvious, they were being abused. Now Google tries to ignore the fake links, mainly due to the many spammy type sites that are still being used.

What you need to understand is that now there are several more data points that are considered every bit as important to SEO as backlinks can be.

You need to focus on ways to get your business more exposure, as well as creating quality content, like I have already explained above.

Plus, a simple mention of your business can now be deemed as being more important than a backlink to your website. Reason being that mentions can be more difficult to gain from high-ranking sites.

How Does Branding Affect SEO?

Once your site’s SEO is done properly, branding helps prove the importance of your business, making your site rank higher in SERPs (search engine results page).

With your business gaining brand authority, that helps influence your domain authority, which is a major factor in assisting a search engine when deciding on your site’s rank.

Why is SEO Important for Branding?

When done correctly, SEO can give your site the ability to provide the answer to a potential customer or client’s question (their search phrase used).

Google is in business to help their clients (those searching for answers to their questions), and Google searches for the BEST answers to provide to their clients in their search results.

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So, when you provide pertinent information to Google’s client, your content is offer on Google’s page one. When enough searchers click on your link, this in turn contributes to your website convincing authority in your niche.

Gaining authority leads to trusting a brand, which in the end, can lead to brand loyalty.

What is Branded Traffic?

Branded traffic simply refers to any internet traffic that comes from search engine visitors who have typed in keywords which includes your business name.

How Do You Get Branded Traffic?

There are several methods for doing this.

  1. You could simply buy a domain that has your company’s name in it.
  2. Create social media accounts using your company’s name.
  3. Create a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google MyBusiness).
  4. Create relevant links using you company’s name as your link.
  5. Branding.

Please understand that branding is not an instant fix, as it can take upwards of three months before you actually gain a return on your initial investment (ROI).

But branding IS a more reliable investment than, say, monthly SEO campaigns that once you stop paying for them, then all of your SEO (mainly links) simply disappear. In such a case, your site’s credibility could simply disappear overnight, actually hurting your sites rank.

The branding done by Parr’s Publishing can be used for branding your business today.

And, any of the content that is created for the media, remains live as long as the sites that published the content remain online.

You can rest assured that there is no means for us to EVER delete the branding, once it has been published.

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This means that what you pay Parr’s Publishing for a branding campaign stays in place, even if you were to only ever run one campaign.

Branding is virtually a popularity contest, and once your brand becomes popular your business site ranks higher.

Running branding campaigns regularly will help to assure that your site’s rank remains consistent in search results.

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