Why Writing a Great Headline is Important


Writing a great headline is important if you want to draw attention to your written work. Great headlines need to convince a potential reader to click on your blog title.
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The title to your article is THE most important feature for whatever it is that you are trying to convey in your writing.

Technically you could have the best copy ever written, but if your title doesn’t grab your reader’s attention then it won’t help you one little bit. Why? Because no one will notice your post.

Having a title that a reader just can’t help but to click on is THE best method of gaining attention with text. Titles like the following brief list, are most likely to gain lots of attention:

– 7 Things to Know When Hanging Shutters
– How to $ave Hundreds of Dollars in Legal Fees
– Want a Great Paying Job?
– Get a Free Website!

Selecting a title can be done quite easily if you think about a problem you are aware of in your industry, one which a reader might be experiencing. Then in your article be sure you offer up a solution …or two, or three, or four that addresses the problem. You might even choose to simply enlighten your readers by providing inside information about your industry, or, just point out some well known myths and offer the truth. These are only a few ways to help you think more creatively and to explain why writing great headlines are so important.

Do make sure that your articles truly deliver what is promised in your post titles. Not delivering your promised headings will hurt your written work, as no one likes to be misled.

Side Note: Highly informative posts with titles that are short and catchy will help your readers tweet your writing. Twitter.com allows only 145 characters in a tweet; and by characters, spaces are characters too!

If you have ever done an internet search and not been able to find the complete answer to your question, then use that experience to your advantage. Armed with your newly selected headline, write your article jam-packed with a great quality content, making sure to answer any questions your readers will find useful.

Here is a list of suggestions for titles in pdf format, within a zip file that you can download quickly, print, and keep handy for inspiration when you are writing your next article.

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