Our History

Decades of Digital Innovation and Trust

Our Journey from Print to Digital

In 1996, Parr’s Publishing embarked on a bold venture with a quarterly, national publication, diving deep into the realm of print media.

Despite the success and acclaim, by the end of 2000, it became evident that the digital world was reshaping how we consume media.

Recognizing the historic shift towards online platforms, we made a strategic pivot to digital publishing—a transition we were uniquely prepared for thanks to our early online presence established in 1997.

Our foresight into the digital arena wasn’t just about staying relevant. It was about setting a standard and excelling at it.

This early transition gave us a substantial head start over competitors who hesitated to embrace the internet’s potential.

Today, Parr’s Publishing brings decades of cumulative experience to the table—from mastering basic HTML and CSS to leveraging advanced WordPress functionalities—ensuring we offer our clients nothing less than the most seasoned expertise in online visibility.

When you choose Parr’s Publishing, you’re not just hiring a service… you’re partnering with a pioneer who has navigated the digital landscape since its infancy and continues to lead with innovation and strategic foresight.

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