Why Hosting Locally is so Important to Your SEO

Having now completed many free website audits, I can tell you that by far, THE most common mistake do-it-yourself website owners are making is purchasing hosting from afar.

Some have gone so far as to claim they are saving money, when in fact their decision is costing them BIG TIME. Simply bringing your website home can improve your SEO!

Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say you have decided to start a new business, and let’s say, you’ve selected your business location to be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Would you then open up a shop (big or small) somewhere in the state of Texas?


Then why would you host your Toronto-based business website on a server that is physically located somewhere in the state of Texas… or even within another province of Canada, like say, New Brunswick?

Google makes the assumption that if you have a local business that you’re going to locate your website in a major city within (at the very least) your own province. Not in another country!

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When the Google spiders index a Texas-based web server …and the site has absolutely no SEO (Title Tags, META Tags, Geo Tags, etc.) done on it… the spider software will make the assumption that the business is located in Texas.

If you have done this, then your Texas-based website will never show up in a search run for Toronto-based businesses like yours.

However, with at the very least basic SEO being done on your website, your site’s chances of appearing in a Toronto search will improve immensely.

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And folks! I have a pleasant surprise to share with all of you… an easy way to discover not only inexpensive website hosting …but ALSO… the top web hosting services Toronto!

For those of you located elsewhere, simply replace “Toronto” with the name of the largest city nearest you.

Bringing your website “home” will improve your website’s loading time for your customers too. Tell your customers you care… and, improve your site’s SEO at the same time.

The choice is yours!

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