Publicity on Steroids That Brings Your Business Customers

Are you still struggling to get more customers?

Are you sick and tired of wasting your money on advertising that no longer works for you… throwing good money after bad money every month, and drowning in the latest SEO tricks that always seem to stop working shortly after applying them, if ever?

My mission here is to fight injustice!

Injustice that your local business may be suffering due to a lack of proper publicity.

Finally Revealed Right Here: The Secret…

You’ve nothing to worry about either. I do all of the work for you, by delivering you publicity on steroids served to you on a silver platter, so to say. And, this can help you beat your competition with campaigns run monthly, and all on autopilot if you wish.


You only pay for the campaigns YOU want me to run, with ZERO effort on your part.

There are hundreds of top-ranking websites ready and waiting to tell the world about your product(s) or service(s) right now. And I can help you reach those sites with a new technique that is so incredible, you might not believe how well it works, but it does.

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Thousands of business owners like you are already benefiting from this method right now.

You see, their business gains popularity from what these sites publish. And they only publish what YOU want the world to know about, nothing more.

If you can answer 12 basic questions to help me know exactly what it is that you want these sites to focus on about your product or service, then I can get to work getting the content created and submitted to these sites.

The content will range from short stories, videos, and slideshows that will be shared online.

Content Strategy

Don’t worry. That is the content that I will be responsible for creating using the information in the answers you provide me with to the questions mentioned above.

Being authorized for submitting only quality content to these sites, it will be my pleasure to help bring your business the attention it deserves from the publicity these sites will provide your product or service with, in the area(s) you want your business known.

Then watch how quickly search engines come to realize how popular your business is.

That’s why I call this publicity on steroids that brings local businesses new customers, because it does!

You no longer have to be a giant business to benefit from publicity done right.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure that over time you could go ahead and learn to do this yourself or have one of your staff members learn to do this over the years to come. But gaining the amount authorizations that I have gained could take you a lot of time to establish.

Can you afford that kind of time?

Here’s my share…

One of my client’s gained attentions with short stories that were published about his offer on 435 media sites, while a second client gained 449 sites, and a third client with a not so popular of an idea, gained 393.

Buyer Traffic INCREASED!

And those numbers are simply for media sites, and only one-month’s worth of numbers. These numbers did not include the videos and slideshows that were also published.

These clients experienced the attention of Google very quickly due to this publicity.

  • The first client ranked number 1 in Google for 61 keyword phrases and ranked in the top ten for 158 phrases.
  • The second client ranked number 1 in Google for 23 keyword phrases and was in the top ten for 26 phrases.
  • The third client ranked number 1 in Google for 26 keyword phrases and was in the top ten for 31 phrases.

More importantly, these clients had their sales skyrocket once the publicity was put into effect.

Publicity stories (some refer to this as branding) remain in place once posted, unlike most monthly SEO services, where your links simply disappear once you stop paying.

Is there an element of SEO in what we do? Yes but we focus on content marketing and an element of that does focus on SEO.

SEO will cost you a LOT more money.

Whereas what we do is put content out and once it’s out there it stays until the platform it exists on ceases to exist.

If you want your business to gain respect and to be taken seriously by your world, then your business needs visibility or exposure. That can be done by providing quality content, and that’s what my service can do for you.

Online content feeds into everything, and your business needs it.

So, if you have a website, and you are willing to have your first campaign run for you, you’ll only need to pay for one campaign at a time. Plus, you are under no obligation to run future campaigns.

And, if you decide to run more then one campaign, I will guarantee my price for each of your campaigns remaining the same price for one full year, and I will NOT take on your competition as a client, as long as you remain my client.

Feel free to give me a call at 289-800-2748, if you prefer to chat more about this service.

Imagine how your spouse, family members and close friends will feel about your business once your popularity increases online and Google starts ranking your site higher then your competition.

The faster you sign up for a media marketing campaign, the sooner your business will benefit by ranking higher and higher in search results for your type of local business.

Remember, I do all of the work for you. So, what are you waiting for; You know what the saying is now, right?

If content is king, then consistency is queen!

– Trish Parr

So, are you ready to triple your conversions?

If yes, then complete the 12 basic questions so I can get started straight away.

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It is my goal to help local businesses who are suffering from a lack of targeted traffic gain popularity and over time, rank higher being seen in SERPs (search engine results pages) for their preferred locally searched keywords.

In short, helping local businesses and entrepreneurs get traffic and boost reputations.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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