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Hello, my name is Trish and I help business owners and organizations increase their profits through media marketing and customized website design, management services, basic SEO and website optimization detailed in the Plus package.

My passion is in serving others by creating media marketing campaigns and websites that are amazing and eye-catching, as well as fully functional on any device. I am a stickler for making sure your business has that perfect look!

My Mission: To help you take your business to the next level, by beating out your competition, and getting you the type of customers / clients that you prefer.

Websites designed by Parr’s Publishing are created with each individual customer’s needs in mind and I do not use any cookie-cutter methods for doing this either. A fully customized website for your business is available … and … fully managed for you too. This way you are free to run your business, and whenever you need changes made to your site’s content, you simply email me with whatever it is you need done.

Listening to your needs is what I do best, and I refuse to have you pay me so much as one penny when creating your website for you, if you are not fully satisfied. This is because satisfying my customers is what I do best!

My Story: Years ago now, my corporate job dried up. So, I decided to dedicate my skills to take care of go-getter entrepreneurs who are following their dream, local business owners (who prefer someone to tend their website regularly without breaking their budget), and major corporations (or anyone else for that matter) who prefer short-term contracts, as opposed to full-time employees.

Where Did the Domain Name eParrs.com Come From?

Back in the ’90s, when some people were registering business’ domain names and trying to have us purchase them for astronomical rates, my business name being Parr’s Publishing was one of those that had the domain name purchased outright… long before the rules were changed to stop such abuse. The seller told me they wanted $500 and they would then turn it over to me. That is when I decided to create a shorter URL. Simply dropping the “Publishing” and adding an “e”, like email… and, apostrophes are not allowed in domain name thus, eParrs.com.

How Parr’s Publishing Came to be

Back in July 1993, I became a graduate of NRI Schools, Washington, District of Columbia, USA, with Highest Honors for Desktop Publishing and Design. It was my goal to publish my paternal family history once I had completed my researching. Back then, publishing such a book would have cost me well over $5,000.

Connect page from Toronto Sun Newspaper, 21 May 1997 edition, page 52

Once I graduated, I decided to start publishing a genealogical newsletter for all of Canada. Some told me that this would be impossible. Being told that only worked to inspire me further.

November 1995, saw the very first publication of Canada’s Family History News newsletter, and by 1997, Canada’s Family History News newsletter got noticed by a major newspaper here in southern Ontario.

Do keep in mind that the screen print Ian Harvey used of my website back then, LOL… though it looks pathetic given today’s standards, it was pretty spectacular to be able to use two columns and all of those images, back then.

However, as time went on, this venture proved too costly to continue. Sadly, November 2000 was the very last newsletter ever published.

The choice for my business name was my way of honouring my father, as he was still living at that point in time.

It was my father who encouraged me to never stop learning, and I’m glad I listened to him. I am STILL learning, and constantly updating myself with the changes happening to websites regularly. Being a regular member on a membership website that teaches web design and online marketing, as well as helping other members on that site, and attending webinars done by professionals with news to share with other website designers.

Have even recently taken up learning to create my very own videos now in 2021.

Computer Diplomas I Have Earned

PC Specialist, in which I graduated from in 2003, with Highest Honours. This course provided computer training to handle word processing, spreadsheets, and high-tech presentations. To make this easier to understand, they mainly focused on Microsoft® Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Visual Basic programmer, in which I graduated from in 2002, receiving a diploma with 91%.

Internet Specialist, in which I graduated from in 1998 receiving a diploma with Highest Honours. Though I have been publishing online since January 1996, I took this course so I would have proof of qualification and as a means of learning anything new that I might not be aware of.

Excel ’97 for Windows AND Intermediate, in which I completed a 10-hour course in back in March 1998. This course was necessary as my duties at the local manufacturer required me to be skilled in creating spreadsheets. Excel 97 was my favourite version of this software. It has lost many of the “goodies” that it used to provide.

Desktop Publishing and Design, details already stated above.

Helping Local Business Owners One Business At A Time

What Can I Do For Your Website?

As a fully qualified Internet Specialist I have helped:

  • a local manufacturer gain the necessary recognition that gained them the continued financial support they needed from their American corporate head quarters, by creating and maintaining 5 different, first-rate websites (one major website helped them gain accreditation, and later, re-certification!),

  • local businesses gain potential customers,

  • local politicians gain the audience of voters,

  • and, I have even helped an American ministry increase their audience to gain parishioners.

Got a website design question you’d love an answer to WITHOUT being charged for it? Then please, feel free to email me with your question. I’m always looking for ways to help others.

Should you already own a website but it’s not performing well for you, and you want to find out why, how about a free evaluation of your website (a $700 value)?

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