Cancellation Policy

Once a completed website package has been approved and paid by you, there is no refund offered at any time.

Here is why I say this…

Once I start building your website, you will be given full access to the EXACT site (built elsewhere) that I will be creating for you.

If you do NOT approve the site that I have created for you then you simply tell me that and I will delete the website and you will have paid me NOTHING. You are then free to find another website designer and there will be no hard feelings.

Should you approve the website that I build for you and you allow me full access to install that website on your domain, then payment will need to be made immediately following your receiving my email sent to you letting you know that the transfer has been completed.

And, since COVID-19, only eTransfers are acceptable as payment, and payment in full must be made, as is explained in the website packages.

Near the end of the year of management offered in my Plus and Premium packages, you will be offered another year’s worth of full management for your website that will be needed to be paid in full at the designated time, which will need to be paid one year in advance.

If at ANY time during any year of full management, should you decide you no longer need my website management services, your pre-paid fees are non-refundable, and I will graciously hand over the undisturbed, full access to your website.

If I am unable to remove my access to your website then an email to that effect will be sent to you, asking you to remove my access as soon as humanly possible, and it is up to you to do so.

And, any cancellation needs to be made to me in writing so that I have proof of your wishes.

Thank you for understanding.