Is The Business Owners Survival Guide for Real?

This eBook is claimed to be a new release that is being temporarily reduced from the regular cost, for the duration of the pandemic.

Author Neil Godin calls himself “the turnaround guy” and has trademarked this as his own.

This eBook claims to provide you with 10 fast-acting, no-cost and low-cost ways to survive the current crisis, and achieve a rapid and robust recovery.

The advertising claims this eBook provides you with:

  • ideas that will fast-track your sales now,
  • ways to use online marketing to get customers coming to you,
  • methods to avoid prospective customers who stop returning your calls and/or emails,
  • ramp up and generate more sales in less time, as well as
  • build an informal lead machine group.

Plus, claims are made that you will learn of key ways to manage, inspire and enhance your team member’s performance, as well as your own, if you are all forced to work from home.

This eBook is said to contain 40 pages and is in PDF format. Bulk sales of this eBook are being encouraged, and you are asked to use their specified service email address to request them.

This review will cover the following:

What is The Business Owners Survival Guide?

screen print of partial eBook cover

Product Name: The Business Owners Survival Guide


Price: $20 US funds (regular $47 US funds)

Recommended: YES (please, read this review BEFORE considering buying!)

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NOTE: Author Neil Godin doesn’t say anything on the sales page regarding this eBook.

The only thing mentioned is what is on the cover of his eBook, which is “Ten fast-acting, no-cost and low-cost ways to survive the current crisis and achieve a rapid and robust recovery”, and that is all.

Author Neil Godin’s eBook is indeed 40 PDF pages in length.

The chapter titles go as follows:

Introduction – page 1

Recovery planning starts with ‘changing your mind’ – page 2

Part 1: Action steps to consider now, as you navigate recovery – page 3-6

Part 2: Tips on managing temporarily (or permanently) home-based staff – page 7-9

Part 3: Our top tips on how to work from home effectively – page 10-12

Ten fast-acting, no-cost and low-cost keys to surviving the current crisis – and achieving a rapid and robust recovery – page 13-38

Part 5: Your call to action – page 39

An invitation from the author – page 40

A lot of the advice offered at the start of this book is advice that many of us have been saying to local businesses all along, when they tell us that they want to “stand out” from their competitors online.

Though I do have to admit that Godin does put his advice into tinier pieces that may make it easier for more business owners to understand easier.

The examples and math provided in Godin’s examples may be just the recipe that finally delivers the important message that many of us have been saying for years now.

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One of Godin’s key points that I love the most is the following: “When your competitors hear about your guarantee – and gossip about how you are giving away the store – then you know you’re on the right track – and (bonus) no one will copy you!” …and, he is SO right!

And… this is true whether we are in the middle of a pandemic or not.

But hold on now folks… Godin provides even MORE helpful advice that you may have NEVER heard before. Wow, some of these I will be sure to use for my OWN local business.

Is The Business Owners Survival Guide for Real?

You better believe that The Business Owners Survival Guide is for real. Wow, this eBook has provided me with several ideas to use when offering advice to my small business clients that I help with their online presence, as well as my own local business services.

This is exactly why I recommend The Business Owners Survival Guide.

And if you would like to get a copy of this eBook for yourself, I do hope you will give serious consideration for purchasing your copy using my affiliate link here:


Disclosure: I am grateful to be of service and to bring you content FREE of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click my affiliate links and purchase items, in most cases I receive referral commission.

This being a Clickbank product, and you need to know that when you see their logo on any product that you purchase, you are guaranteed your money back in full, if you are not completely satisfied within a given period of time, which is usually 30-days.

I do hope that you found this review helpful in making your decision as to whether to purchase this eBook or not.

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Personally, I will be recommending my client’s read his eBook and follow his advice; pandemic aside, Godin provides his readers with EXCELLENT advice.

Should you have any questions regarding is The Business Owners Survival Guide for real, or you simply wish to add to the conversation on this topic, I do hope you will leave me a comment below.

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