Lower Your Advertising Costs and Get More Customers: Learn How You Can be a Real Lead Magnet

If you truly want a method of lower your advertising costs and getting more customers ta’boot, then it is time for you to learn how you can become a real lead magnet. Getting more customers and getting more leads, I am certain that you will agree, are two different things. I assure you this post will help you learn how you can get more CUSTOMERS; so let’s get started.

Discovering your customer’s hidden buying motivations would be a lot like hacking your customer’s mind, right? That is exactly what Alex Busson and Drayton Bird intend to show you how to do in the course that they offer anyone who is willing to learn how.

When I first learned about this product, I truly did not expect to find as big a gem in it as I did and for me, the price only drove home just how much these two authors truly over delivered in it too.

The promise of being able to position yourself against your competition by choosing a creative talent that would not only help build a stronger brand for your business but also have you experiencing an actual profit on your advertising.

Heck, they have even tossed in a part in their course for those of you who are working in the marketing department for a major corporation. And THIS will nearly guarantee you a promotion!

Apparently, their training has been used by thousands of others from across a vast number of different industries… and once implement properly, some have seen such a great percentage of success that I’m SURE you too may be doubtful… until after you have actually followed their training.

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Like Busson says, “Nobody knows more about your business than you. So there’s nobody better prepared to set this plan for sales success.”

The guide really will help you step outside of your business and enable you to see it from your customer’s perspective. Once you learn to do this properly, you will be able to write or approve advertising that truly sells for you.

Having learned what I did when taking their course regarding their simple plan for sales success, when searching for that one feature that I could turn into a benefit, I discovered that mine was right there under my nose all along, just like they said it most likely would be… and, now I am busily drafting a new homepage for my site to include what I discovered.

screen print of the title of the eBook titled, "The Lunch-Hour Marketing Breakthrough"

These two authors even go so far as to provide a creative brief template for you to use. What’s more, their template can be used by any industry, selling to ANY type of customer.

Should you decide to use their service (and I recommend you do only if you are serious about getting more customers) then you should know that they literally guarantee your results… AND they also guarantee this training which comes with a 30 days “claim an instant, no-quibble refund”.

Their first guide is all of 132 pages, in which the template consists of the last 5 pages, so it is not like this is a major, time-consuming course; it is not.

In this guide you will also discover a means of being able to learn the true average value of a customer, providing you with a clear target to use for your marketing campaigns. This calculation will take all of the guess work out of how much money you would need to plan for, and exactly where to invest your marketing budget so that you can grow your business faster.

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So, if you really want to discover your very own marketing breakthrough and see a major increase in your sales… you might want to seriously consider spending the $9.97 US funds requested. I can personally assure you this guide OVER delivers all on its own; plus, nearer the end of the guide there is an irresistibly, affordable service offer that I’m betting several of you will jump at once you see the low price (that NO other agency would dare try to compete with) asked for THAT service.

Also in this guide, the authors will provide you with examples of reasons to contact customers and sell them more without being obnoxious… in fact, your customers will LOVE you for the ideas that Busson and Bird share with you.


Because your competition is NOT doing any of these great ideas covered in this guide… and, the methods they teach are NOT “tricks” either; simply good customer relations.

They will also share with you advertising campaigns that have been run at great expense and FAILED miserably. These will surprise you, I’m sure of it. So many of us local business owners assume big businesses have great advertising… WRONG!

You will soon learn that is not always the case.

Oh… and there is a second guide that comes as an inclusion to the first one.

However, the second guide offers help with succeeding in a home based business in any market. This would only be beneficial if your business is that of any home-based business… and in THIS case, you would gain even MORE for your money than those of us who have our local businesses already well established.

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And that guide is titled The Customer Mind-Hack by Alex Busson (containing 47 pages), in which he offers you the two-part principle behind every successful home business, and a whole lot more.

So for now, I will thank you in advance, and let you get started gaining the necessary information that will help you to lower your advertising costs and get more customers. If you do decide to purchase this guide, I do hope you will come back here and share your experience with the information you glean… good or bad.

Are you ready now to learn how you can be a REAL lead magnet?


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