How to Get Targeted Website Visitors – Really Targeted Website Traffic

So many of my clients ask me how can they get targeted website traffic, you know, the really targeted website traffic. That is what I intend to talk about in my post here.

Mind you, this should only be considered once you have verified your website ownership with Google and Bing, added your website’s Google Tracking ID, and setup your Google MyBusiness account properly.

As well as create a Facebook fan page, and setup Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts. Social media should come before focusing on the method I will be discussing here, on how to get targeted website visitors.

There is nothing better than to get free website traffic from search engines, but first your website must qualify for that free traffic. And, understanding search intent is where you should begin. There are several different intentions for searching.

How to Build Value?

Informational search intent is where someone is searching to resolve a problem they have. Used correctly, can be a means of you gaining free targeted website traffic that could easily turn into a buyer of your product or service.

An internet searcher’s problem could be anything from wanting an inexpensive treatment for rosacea… to trying to get their kitchen sink unclogged. Both may want to see if there is an easy fix to their particular problem.

This is where your content can help your potential customer, and in turn gain you focused traffic.

Whatever your niche or local business, simply provide content that resolves your potential customers issues. Particularly if quality answers are NOT already shared anywhere online, especially by your competition. If it is, then find a new twist… a better more complete answer, and then write about it.

Simply use your best content that is designed to rank well, to guide your visitors to your sales page(s) by providing the links in your content.

Example: In your sidebar (check mine out here!) or, better still, within your content.

So, make sure that you have advertising that leads your website visitors to your sales page(s) by offering text links within your content or you can also use banners.

Once you provide enough helpful information on your site then your website could end up being recognized by search engines as an authority on your chosen topic. This is why you should always link your related posts to your sales page(s).

Local Marketing

If you create great content, you may even discover that other quality sites are linking to your content. And when that happens, your authority increases with every external link to you website content.

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Wherever possible, you should try to create content like case studies, guides, and lengthily informative blog posts. In this way, your website would then entice other sites to link to your information.

Knowing this tidbit in advance, you could even go so far as to plan out your link building strategy if you wanted to.

Searching for your perfect keywords really is a vital step in finding just the right topic to provide for your chosen niche. See the slideshow below for some example searches… again, depending on your niche.

When you actually do your searching for the best keyword phrase (from here on I will call this your keyword) that you want to use, and you find very few posts offering updated information in your search results (as I did when searching to provide the sample searches shown above)… or… once you read through a few of the top ranking posts you see that they are missing information that you know you can add to the topic in order to make your article stand out and be more helpful, then you know you have a winning keyword.

Make sure your chosen keyword is used in your post title and is also used within the first opening paragraph… then again part way through your post… and again at or near the end of your post. This way you won’t be penalized for keyword stuffing (repeating your keyword over and over again), and your post will be more apt to be ranked higher in search results.

Keyword Research Tutorial: From Start to Finish

Of course, you don’t actually HAVE to have a keyword tool IF (a “BIG” if here folks!) you are confident in looking for that perfect keyword.

What do I mean by that?

Try starting to do a Google search for a topic you are thinking about offering information on.

screen print of a Google search

Take special notice of the Google search suggestions you receive as you begin typing your search. Pick one of those suggestions and do a search with it, and then see if that is a great keyword you should use… or not. Then simply repeat for each suggestion Google provides you with if you want to, and then you can try to rank for more than the one keyword.

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How do you know when you’ve got a winner keyword researching this way?

1.) Look to see what the authority of the sites that rank high in your search results actually are.

Government (.gov) sites and educational (.edu) websites are difficult to beat as they are the most authoritative sites online. However, if the .gov or .edu website is not answering the exact question perfectly… you could actually find your post ranking number 1 when that keyword is used in a future search.

And, if you find lower authority sites such as forums like Yahoo Answers or Quora (where members ask and answer questions) are ranking in the number 2, 3, 4, or 5 spots in your search results, chances are that you could provide content that would rank well, providing you offer fully informative post using the keyword properly.

2.) Check to see how old the information provided in the posts that are ranking high actually is. This can be another major determining factor as to authority on the topic of your chosen keyword. For example, if the most recent post is dated for 2012, you may find it really easy to add more (and updated) information to share with your readers.

3.) If the posts that rank high are all sitting at around 1000 words, then you simply offer 1500 to 2000 words within a “meaty” informative post.

The purpose of Google offering you search suggestions is that people have actually been searching using the keywords that you see offered to you in the drop down lists Google provides you every time you do any searching using their engine.

A little bit of common sense will go a long way when you use this technique of using Google’s search suggestions as keywords to use in your posts.

Why Internal Linking is Important

As you add more and more posts to your local business website, be sure to also offer links to your previously published posts whenever it is relevant to do so. This helps to keep your website visitors on your website, which helps to reduce your website bounce rate (people who come on your website and then leave within a few second).

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Using internal links also verifies to Google’s scripts that your information offered within your posts are related in topic, which over time can help strengthen your website authority.

Why External Linking is Important

When linking to other’s articles this can be a way of providing proof with what you are stating in your posts. Plus it is a great way to recognize quality information that has been provided on other website.

Providing an external link to let’s say, an ultimate guide to woodworking from your carpentry tools website would make it related, and could be of great value to your website visitors.

However, you want to make sure that your website’s external links open in a new tab. That way, you are less likely to lose your visitors to the websites you provide links to.

You can also use what is known as a no-follow link on external links, which is a means of informing search engines that this link is not a true backlink to the website you linked to.

example of a no-follow link

For advertising, affiliate links, and blog comments you definitely want to be using no-follow links; though blog comments come automatically coded by WordPress as no-follow links.

Questions Answered about Nofollow Links

I do hope you understand the value of providing helpful content on your given niche or local business as this can be quite rewarding to your business in the long run. For me, I find writing helpful content an easy way for me to explain to my customers (as well as potential customers) about some of the techniques on website design and SEO.

Please feel free to leave me a comment below if you have any questions, or simply want to say hello, I am looking forward to our chat.

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