How to Increase Website Traffic Free

Website traffic methods are forever changing and you need to know what is working right now, in order to benefit.

You can no longer rely strictly on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords to drive traffic to your website. Though paid advertising is available at a simple flip of a switch, paid traffic sources like these costs money… and those costs are forever increasing as the demand for paid traffic goes up.

Plus, focusing your entire business budget on paid traffic does not guarantee you results. And, if you don’t have a big budget, then that paid traffic can really hurt your business expense account.

Though optimizing your website for SEO (search engine optimization) is a smart way to gain organic traffic and is highly recommended. But, you really cannot rely solely on organic traffic either.

Yes, it is free and yes, you really DO need to take full advantage of on-page and off-page SEO too.

However, there are other, faster resources of traffic sources available that you can use. And, you should never rely only on one source of traffic.

The Best Free Traffic Source Over the Next Year!

closeup of a lady holding a signe with Pinterest on it

Many large websites are “crushing it” (financially speaking) with Pinterest traffic; for example, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner’s website.

screen print of the top of Michelle's web page showing title "How I Made $241,649 in March 2018 Blogging"

The average spending on orders made from Pinterest is actually DOUBLE that of any other social media. Pinterest drives way more traffic than three very popular websites (Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit) combined.

According to, Pinterest has seventy million registered users, of which twenty million are active users monthly, with more than fifty million being unique visitors monthly.

Key stats and demographics

Who can really get results on Pinterest?

The types of businesses that can experience massive gains in traffic from Pinterest are as follows:

  • Bloggers (no matter the niche)
  • Small business owners
  • Affiliate marketers
  • CPA (cost per action) marketers
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Service providers
  • Product creators
  • eCommerce store owners
  • Non-Profit businesses
  • Mini-niche sites
  • Traffic vendors
  • List builders / Email marketers
  • Brand marketers
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Influencer marketers
  • Display ad marketers
  • Virtually anyone who has a website that needs traffic… REALLY!

What niches can use Pinterest?

Nearly every niche imaginable… seriously; the following is a small sample list of niches:

  • Marketing niche
  • Small business niche
  • Mom blogger niche
  • Lifestyle niche
  • Make money niche
  • Fashion niche
  • Food/Cooking/Recipe niche
  • Home niche
  • Health & fitness niche
  • Pet niche
  • Parenting niche
  • Advice niche (Dear Nancy…)
  • Shopping niche
  • DIY niche
  • Craft niche
  • Outdoors niches
  • Travel niche
  • Dating niche
  • And the list goes on…

3 Tips to Get Your First 1,000 to 3,000 Website Visitors Per-Day with Pinterest

1.) Group Boards – Boards are like the old corkboard that used to be in most kitchens that were used to pin things to that you wanted to remember and/or to keep. In Pinterest those boards are digital boards.

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A personal board is a board YOU create and that you can add your pins to or save others to.

While a group board is where the owner of a group board invites others to join the group where you can then add your pins to their group board. Over time, many of these boards grow pretty big with followers.

screen print of a Pinterest group board titled Our Pets
screen print of Our Pets group board with the numbers of followers PLUS, circled

If you share your “money maker” image in a group board then this could result in viral traffic to your website.

That is easy to understand, right?

Pinterest Group Boards Verses Facebook Groups

Pinterest group boards allow for pins to be shared outside of the group. Whereas Facebook groups do NOT allow posts to be shared outside of the Facebook group. Therefore, Pinterest has better chance for providing viral traffic to your website well beyond traffic that might be driven from a Facebook group.

2.) Easy Viral Traffic – Pinterest encourages users to share your pins.

a Pinterest pin showing the Save button

When someone Saves your pin, all of their Pinterest followers will be able to see it and many followers will Save it too. You set a URL for each of your pins, then when someone clicks on your pin, their browser will take them to the website you set. This can be your blog post, your affiliate link, a review page, a landing page… any page you set as the URL.

Pinterest users love to pin interesting images to their own boards and share them with their group boards too.

You can link your images to any URL you want to. Pinterest is affiliate link friendly, so yes, you can have your images clickable to affiliate links if you so wish. This makes for easy viral traffic to any website, when it is done correctly.

An example is as follows:

A user with 150 followers browses Pinterest and sees a cute pin about a dog that they link, clicks on the “Save” button, and pins it to their Dogs board. This pin is then shared with their 150 followers. Each of those 150 followers can then click on the “Save” button and then all of their followers will see the image too, literally repeating the entire process.

This is how you can get massive reach using Pinterest, and this is how you can spread your pins everywhere!

You could even use your pins as passive income if you so wish. Some people offer really attractive pins that take those who click on them to a web page with Adsense ads on it. Thus you could literally link your images to your money page… a content page for the visitors but a passive income page for you.

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You could setup as many of these as you like. However, you need to make your content unique and useful as well as offering awesome images that others will want to keep copies of.

3.) Pinterest is a Search Engine for Buyers – You can easily reach buyers for FREE!

Try searching Pinterest for, let us say, “dog necklace” (without the quotation marks, of course)…

screen print showing results of a search on Pinterest

…and you will see several images of dog related necklaces that when you click on one image for more detail…

screen print showing a pin found in search displaying price tag of the item

…and this vendor (screen print above) receives traffic directly from this pin to their eCommerce store, right from Pinterest’s search engine, not just from group boards. That is how powerful Pinterest is.

Imagine having your pins gain traffic simply from their search engine, giving you a whole different means of getting traffic when people are search for exactly what you are selling.

You don’t have to do much besides putting your pin on Pinterest to start capitalizing on some of that traffic.

Free Bonus Traffic

With the many shares your pins receive on Pinterest, this offers your website social signals that Google picks up on. The more shares your pins get, the more clicks they receive, the more this signals to Google’s automated script that you have great content, which in turn, will increase your site ranking in Google searches over time.

So there you have it, the “icing on the cake” with your website experiencing an increase in organic traffic from Google, simply triggered by the Pinterest social signals.

So to Recap

  • You get your pin on to a group board.

  • Your pin is linked to your “money page”, the web page you want to drive traffic to, your site experiences viral traffic as

  • others share your pins all over Pinterest.

  • Then the Pinterest users who click on your pins, their device takes them to your web page

  • literally bringing you viral traffic far more than any other social media platform.

All you need to do is make sure to pin your money page images into the group boards in your niche.

You could reach a half a million PLUS people every day using Pinterest.

Let us say that you were to share 1 pin in 50 group boards, once per day. And each group board has an average of ten thousand people in them. This would mean that in one day you could have a potential reach of:
10,000 people x 50 group boards = 500,000
potential people to reach per day… all for FREE!

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That is BEFORE those in the groups start sharing your pins with THEIR followers, and so on!

Tip #1: Your money link gets lot of traffic from Group Boards.

Tip #2: Pinterest encourages people to share your pins, basically offering you to gain free, targeted passive traffic.

Tip #3: Pinterest is a search engine for buyers.

Bonus Traffic: You receive FREE bonus organic traffic from Google, all thanks to Pinterest!

And now… another BONUS…

How to Hide Pins on Your Blog

Here’s the code discussed in the video:

<div style=”display:none;”>[Place Your Image Here]</div>

Pinterest Traffic Steps

1.) Create a Pinterest profile from

screen print of web page, English version

2.) Create 10-20 different boards, each with anywhere from 10 to 20 pins. This will help you complete your profile.

3.) Start working to get between 100 and 500 or more followers to your Pinterest profile making your account look like there is a real human creating your account. At the most, follow only 20 people in any given hour so to avoid being blocked as a bot account.

Keep track in an Excel spreadsheet as to those who you have followed and on what date. Some will follow you while others will not.

Of those who follow you back, you can then follow their followers and you may find that you get a better follow-back ratio. After 30 days or so, you can unfollow those who do not follow you back.

4.) Once you gain at least 100 followers (though more is better) you can then apply to 300 to 400 different group boards and you may get accepted by 50 to 100 of them.

5.) Post 2 pins in each group board every day, making that anywhere from 100 to 200 pins per day.

I hope you have found this tutorial to be very informative, and hopefully you will share this with your friends.

Do let me know if you have ANY questions regarding Pinterest in a comment below. I will respond in a timely manner.

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