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I know many of you will argue that local business directory listings are not true backlinks, in the sense that they may NOT offer you a place to put your website’s URL, and you would be correct. However, they are a citation for business and are highly recognized by many internet search engines. These citations get treated though actual backlinks to your business website.

Telephone directories like YellowPages for Business, 411 Canada, GoldBook and CanPages are high ranking directories with key search engines that offer FREE business listings.

The first three directories mentioned above are relatively easy to see how to make your free business listing… but CanPages is a little bit more difficult to find so…

To add your business listing to CanPages you’ll need to:
1) select your city listed under your province
2) select your business type
3) scroll to the very bottom, right-hand corner and click on Add. Should you need to update your listing, click on Update Your Listing.

NOTE: All directories need to have the VERY same listing information regarding your business, else this step will work against your business site’s ranking. So, if you have posted with directories and the listings now contain stale information, fixing it becomes even more important than simply adding more listings.

These sites are considered high-authority by many search engines. Having backlinks from these, and other similar websites will gain your business website a much higher ranking. Try it!

Best Directories to List Your Website With

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The following is a list of directories you can (and should) readily list your website with for improved SEO:

  7. Google MyBusiness
  8. Bing Places for Business
  9. Yelp for Business Owners
  10. Alignable: The Small Business Network
  11. simply search the internet for “local business listing” (without the quotation marks, of course) to find more!

How to Get Your Free Quality Backlink!

Backlinks Do you know how valuable a backlink is for your website’s ranking?

Very valuable!

Without getting into too much detail, a website ranking is basically a score out of ten… as to the “value” of your website in comparison to others sites on the internet.

Ranking is mainly based on two factors:

  1. the number of links pointing to your website and…
  2. the value of those links pointing to your website.

The value is calculated based on the rank of the page linking to your website and questionably, the relevancy of the page linking to your site. I’m stating it like this because there is no real ‘hard-evidence’ to back up the relevancy factor in regards to a website’s ranking …not that I’ve seen so far. However, it certainly is a factor in your website’s overall ranking.

So now, do you want a free backlink?

So now; do you want a free backlink?

Here’s all you need to do… be logged into Facebook and click on the LIKE button at my business fan page:
…then, find an entry on my fan page wall that you like and make a comment… feel free to add a relevant link to your comment, giving YOU a FREE backlink to your website!


Posting Quality Comments on Blogs Helps Your Website

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When posting a quality comment on a blog you could gain a PostingQualityComments-image06backlink to your website, which in turn will help your website’s ranking with the search engines. When you fill in the “Website” text box offered when commenting, then the “Name” you use becomes linked to the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) you typed into the “Website” text box. In this article I discuss the advantages of using keywords as the “Name” used when posting a comment.

First, I would like to say “Thank you Jeremy”, for your questions posted here. Posing great questions like you did helps everyone when answered properly, thus this posting is my attempt to do just that.

Let me start with your first question: “Do you think that posting comments on other folks’ blogs is a legitimate method of link building, or should it be avoided?”

My answer: Posting comments on other’s blogs is a great way of link building, and yes, not only a legitimate method, but a widely accepted means of sharing the advantage of adding value to another blogger’s website when posting a quality comment, and not simply spamming.

For those of you who are not sure what a spammed comment looks like, below is a screen print of two spam comments. This is the administrative view (backend view in Word Press) of such comments. Note: The comments do NOT make sense.

example of a spam comment

Spam comments are posted by bots or robot (automated) software. These types of comments are a major headache for many bloggers, and create added administrative work to a website when trying to sort through several comments posted, in order to find those nuggets of quality comments made by real human beings.

Now for your second question: “Are the comment links more likely to have longevity when you put your name instead of your keyword in the name field?”

My answer: Blogmasters (my label for professional bloggers, or webmasters who blog) who understand the value of a good comment will be very grateful for the fresh content that quality comments provide for their website.

If no detrimental keywords are used (Example: Ontario website designer) in theName text box example Name text box provided in the comment section of many popular blogs today, then I see no earthly reason why a blogmaster would ever want to even consider deleting such a comment (… and here’s the qualifier so please everyone pay close attention…) providing the comment adds quality and relates to the post.

By allowing a commenter who adds real value to the “conversation” a backlink, using their chosen keywords, a blogmaster will simply be rewarding them for a well stated comment. In a case like this, why shouldn’t this be a win-win situation for both the blogmaster AND the commenter?

Below is a screen print of a comment I posted where Mark published a very interesting article about commenting (the blog has now been reformatted for other uses) followed by Mark’s response to my comment:

screen print of a comment I posted

Since my comment was posted, I noticed Mark has had the Name text box of the comment section on his blog adjusted to accommodate a future commenter like me. Thanks Mark!

Name text box

Now, I’m not saying that ALL bloggers will accept your chosen keywords when used in the Name text box, but I am saying that many blogmasters today WILL accept them.

After several unsuccessful attempts with this method of posting comments, I now find my rate of accepted comments high enough to make this technique my standard when commenting on other’s blogs.

UPDATE: Do NOT make it a habit to use the exact same keywords for EVERY comment you create. Google will penalize any website with the exact same anchor text link used over and over again, because it is not “normal”. Too many bots have been used to create anchor links. Penalizing websites for this is Google’s way to make certain that human-placed comments get ranked higher than bot or spammed comments.

For everyone: As a bonus for reading this post thoroughly, here’s a FREE blank backlinks log I created using Excel 2007; it’s in a zip file for ease of downloading. This can be used to help you keep track of comments made on other’s blogs.

free backlinks log

Be sure to re-visit the same blogs again in about a month after posting your comment to see if your comment was accepted. The NOTES column will help you to discover your rate of comments accepted, and thus backlinks gained.

Should you discover a low rate of accepted comments, then check to see if your comment(s) truly did add value to the blogmaster’s post or not. An easy question to ask yourself is; if this was your post, would you accept this comment should it appear on YOUR blog? If not, then adjust your comment to add real value to the article and submit it again… being sure to make note of your edited version of your comment in your backlink log file. Again, re-visit in about a month to see if your revised comment was accepted or not.

Side Note: Commenting on a blog isn’t that difficult when you think about it. How many blogs have you discovered over a period of time that have offered you really helpful hints, recipes, and/or solutions to a software issue you may have suffered? By taking a few minutes to add a quality comment to such a post, you not only help the blogmaster know their information is helpful and worthy of remaining posted, but you help ensure its continuance …and, you just might gain a great backlink too!

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