Why Paid Ads May Not Be Working for You

Ever wondered why your ads aren’t accomplishing your desired outcome, despite having a product or service that pretty much sells itself?

So, you’ve crafted a product that’s a hit.

You’ve seen the figures climb, but when you turn to paid ads for that extra push, the numbers just don’t add up.

Well, it turns out that you’re not alone!

And, having had this same subject discussed in many different and even recent online chats, I decided to reach out to a good friend who is a professional in the digital marketing sphere whom I’ll call George (for his sake of privacy) … and who has used paid advertising with mixed results.

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Understanding the Challenges

Please join me as we delve into insights from George, who has navigated the ups and downs of paid advertising. We’ll verify his experiences with industry research to give you a stronger picture.

His insights coupled with authoritative backing; might just be the flashlight you need in the murky tunnel of paid ads.

George’s experience echoes a common sentiment in the marketing world: when everyone is fighting for the spotlight, standing out is more difficult and expensive.

Competition and Market Saturation

Research suggests that high competition in paid ads often leads to increased costs, making it a less viable option for businesses without extensive resources​, and author Jon Loomer explains this in detail in How Competition Impacts Facebook Ads Costs.

Which even effects other paid ad platforms such as Google Ads too.

You see: “Competition on Google has risen over the years as more companies invest in Google Ads”, as stated by Emily Lutz in her article titled, Everything You Need to Know About Competition in Google Ads.

It’s like everything in the marketplace: the law of supply and demand. As the demand for ANYTHING increases so do the prices.

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Short-Term Gains Versus Long-Term Strategy

Paid ads can provide immediate results, but they don’t guarantee sustainable growth.

Building a brand and customer loyalty usually requires a deeper, more organic approach, which can be more cost-effective in the long run​.

The organic strategy that I am referring to here is content about your product or service that you either create or have created… and shared on news sites, or platforms such as:

  • Medium,
  • SlideShare,
  • YouTube,
  • Vimeo, and the relevant
  • Social media platform where your potential customers or clients hang out
  • And more.

This content-strategy will help raise the awareness and help you to increase the authority of your business faster and last longer than any paid ad will.

Or, as Space Creatoz puts it in a LinkedIn post titled: Paid Advertising vs. Organic Growth: “Organic Growth: The Slow Burn with Lasting Results

So, now let’s take this a step further…

Facts Myths
Background Photo by Leon Pauleikhoff on Unsplash

Debunking Misconceptions

It’s not just about how well you can manage ads, but also about the strategic approach you take.

George highlighted that even top-notch agencies couldn’t crack the code, which suggests that the issue might lie in the strategic application of paid ads.

Skill Versus Strategy

This is supported by the fact that a successful paid ad strategy involves much more than just the mechanics of ad management—it’s about understanding the audience, market timing, and the competitive landscape​.

When searching for suggested applications for paid ads, I came across the following statement made by Ali Yildirim that I found on LinkedIn and have provide a screen print of it below:

a screen print of Ali Yildirim's statement

It seems that paid ads need to be leading clickers to content and there, Ali Yildirim admits there is a lack of that, if I’m understanding Ali’s statement correctly.

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This would coincide with what George shared with me when he explained that he had finally uncovered the fact that he needed to improve his organic traffic better before gaining the full advantage of paid ads… consistently.

Content-strategies was how George chose to do that.

And building on this idea…

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The Need for a Strategic Approach in Scaling

Scaling paid ad campaigns goes beyond just upping your budget. It’s about a strategic scaling of operations, targeting, and market positioning.

Apparently, George discovered that without the right structures in place, paid ads cannot achieve the full benefit.

Limitations in Scaling

Victoria Sullivan explains in her article titled: The Dos and Don’ts of Scaling Facebook Ad Campaigns that this requires careful planning in order to have a complete understanding of market dynamics.

With this in mind…

Integrating Organic Strategies for Long-Term Growth

It was stated that George realized that before he could successfully use paid ads, he needed to build up organic growth first.

This also involved enhancing the product, increasing customer retention, and adding value through upsells.

Building a Solid Foundation

This type of foundation can more readily help businesses weather the cost of paid ads and even significantly improve their ROI (return on investment​), as explained by userpilot.com’s article on SaaS Customer Retention: Strategies, Examples and Tools and in Felipe Negron’s post where he discusses Maximizing Revenue – The Art of Upselling and Cross-Selling.



Our research results along with George’s findings underline a clear message: paid ads are simply a tool, not a strategy.

The real growth lever lies in:

  • understanding your market,
  • refining your product, and
  • engaging with your customers on a deeper level.
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So, if you’re leaning heavily on paid ads with less than stellar results, it might be time for a strategic pivot.

Are you ready to bolster your approach with organic strategies that not only complement but amplify your paid ad efforts?

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