Recommend HostPapa NO MORE!

“Why?” you ask.

The short and simply response is this… no more quality tech support available. 🙁

For fifteen years I hosted my website with HostPapa, so understand, this is not being posted to be mean. Rather to inform (and apologize to) those whom I raved to about HostPapa’s services for years now.

I think it best that I tell you my experience with HostPapa, so you will understand better why I not only left their hosting services, but I feel a need to warn those wanting to find THE best hosting services in my area.

Here’s my story:

In early December 2014, the amount of spam I was receiving became unbearably high, so I contacted HostPapa tech support for help with this issue. I was tossed from one techie to another, as they gave me the basic suggestions offered to those new to the internet.

It looks though they may be being paid by the ticket they responded too rather than issues they actually resolve. None of the techies were reading what was advised by the previous techie or my responses.

Every day I was on the telephone trying to get this issue with spam resolved.

A few days later I wasn’t getting ANY email at all. When I called for tech support again, I was put through to a techie (Mark) who actually listened to my plight and he made sure management was informed about my dreadful experience with the lack of proper tech support.

old fashion telephone with dial

A Mr. Mac K. from HostPapa contacted me the very next day, and he helped me by discovering that someone had deleted my email account on their server.

While still on the telephone with Mr. K., he had me re-create my email account.

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Thinking all was resolved; Mr. K. told me that I was to feel free to contact him at anytime in the future (at which time he gave me his extension number) should I have an issue that is not being properly addressed.

Over the next few weeks, I soon discovered more and more personal emails were not getting through to my email account. At first, I thought perhaps it was the fault of the sender’s email account as some of their emails sent would arrive, yet not others.

Then, I started receiving telephone calls from others I conversed with more regularly. Their emails were not getting through to me at all, and those contacts never received any bounced back messages saying things like their email was being blocked or “unknown user”.

They thought I was ignoring them for some reason when in fact, I had no idea they were even trying to contact me.

Thinking this was a different problem; I immediately got back to HostPapa and submitted another ticket, only to start receiving the very same run-around responses once again.

And again, I was on the telephone every day, trying to get this issue resolved, when FINALLY, I got a techie who actually did trouble-shooting while keeping me on the telephone (Thank YOU Yuri, YOU ARE THE BEST!).

After well over an hour of trying different things (basic trouble-shooting he said), Yuri proved it was NOT my hosting account that was causing this issue, as several previous techies were claiming it must be.

It was then that I suggested to Yuri that it must have something to do with whatever they may have been done to reduce the spam I was receiving back nearly a month ago (back in December).

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Yuri said he would do a write-up to escalate this issue to the next level of tech support.

…but, I still heard nothing… notta’.

I telephoned Mr. K. Getting his answering machine, I left the ticket number and details as to my issue once again, and explained how I was sure this all had to do with the problem I had previously report with spam, back in December.

Mr. K. returned my call, during which he claimed that Yuri never did a write-up, and that he would address this issue straight away.

SPAM, text with a bullseye overtop

Over a week with no resolve, emails still not getting through to me, and no follow-up telephone call from Mr. K. (even though I left another message asking what was being done), I decided it was time to leave HostPapa for more reliable hosting services.

And, guess what?

Once my cPanel was transferred and my domain successfully re-pointed to my new host, Voila! my email was automatically restored (further proving my cPanel was NOT the issue.)

…and… to top this off…

My new host reduced my spam exponentially for a one-time charge of $19.95. Once initiated, my spam was reduced to fewer than 30 spams received… and, two days later, to only 9 spams getting through.

Thank YOU HostUpon!

My take on this:

Back before HostPapa days, I had a great hosting service by the name of GlobalServe. Their tech support started to go downhill quickly after several years of being THE best web hosting company in Toronto.

Then one day iPrimus came along, bought out GlobalServe. Within a month or so and without notice, they simply decommissioned the server with all GlobalServe hosting accounts. I was left without a website and/or email until I could find another host.

To those of you whom I personally recommended HostPapa for a hosting server, I sincerely apologize!

As your hosting service comes due, you should transfer away from them so you won’t be put out of business, even temporarily, like I was.

Because of this issue, I will no longer post a recommendation for ANY hosting service. Everyone needs to do their own researching for the top hosting services in Toronto, as they can change quickly from year-to-year.

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If you are not in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) simply replace “Toronto” with the name of the largest city nearest you.

Things you should look for when choosing a local hosting server are; in-house tech support and near flawless uptime, as well as low-cost hosting.

NEVER get too comfortable with any one web host server!

Sadly, I have learned that the longer a hosting service is in business, the bigger chance that the quality of tech support offered will drop drastically either because they lose their top-notch techies to other companies paying more or because the owners try cutting costs by outsourcing.

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