You Won’t Believe How This Guy Got Ranked High on Google

If you’ve always wondered how the heck to rank high in Google searches than you’ve come to the right place. This guy ranked high on Google simply by following the proper methods when creating his website.

No black hat for this fella, no siree!

Following are steps he took to gain his high ranking in Google.

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1) He purchased website hosting from a website server local to his business. This is mainly for the many Canadian business owners who think it wise to purchase their hosting from an American hosting server because they advertise on the local TV and radio stations. If your business is not located in Kansas City, then why would you want your website hosted on a server in Kansas City?… Read More

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2) He had his domain name registered so that it describes his business. This is one of the easiest, most overlooked opportunities to make a business rank high in a Google search. Too many of us business owners want to see our business name out there in lights. If you’re not sure what I mean, here are a few examples: or or

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3) He had a responsive design used on his website so that it is device-friendly. This is now absolutely important for ANY website if you want it to rank in Google searches. As of April 2015, if a website is not device-friendly then it will no longer rank high in mobile Google searches. Given the rise in mobile searches on the internet now, can your business afford NOT to be listed in Google search results?… Read More

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4) He also insisted his website has to be browser compatible. Given the many different browsers for all the different devices now in the market place and user’s hands, along with all the different versions of those browsers that are installed on those devices, your website NEEDS to be browser compatible too! If not, your business might miss a potential customer because the form on your website was not compatible to that user’s browser… Read More

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5) He made sure that basic SEO was completed on his website. Basic SEO used to be considered part of what was deemed to be good website designing… that was until software was created to be more automated. Now, a website owner needs to be made aware to include at the very least, basic SEO; without which a website will not rank very high in any internet search results, if at all.… Read More

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6) He had a blog included on his website. He did something that not many business owners are doing nowadays; he insisted that only unique content be use in his articles and that his post be easy to read. He was also very firm about his posts fully disclosing any and all important information … or secrets as some like to say; also that all posts on his blog must pertain to his business… Read More

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7) He created a few popular social media business accounts. Accounts like Google+, a Facebook Fan page, a YouTube channel, and Twitter; each of which offers a top quality link back to his website. If you want to be loved by Google than you better learn to play by their rules, well, as long as they remain the most used, most popular search engine anyway. Please, don’t just take my word for it… Read More

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This guy is a genius!

Huh, and to think that his friends told him he’d NEVER make it online doing business the right way. Boy, were they ever wrong… as, his website designer (me 😉 ) can attest to.

A BONUS option! Always keep your website updated.

Monthly maintenance is so vital at helping a website keep a high ranking in internet searches. Search engine spiders will learn if a website has become neglected, of that you can be certain.

All of my client’s websites receive regular (sometimes daily!) maintenance… so, if you’re not satisfied with your website, please, feel free to contact me!

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