The Power in PowerPoint Slideshows!

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Local businesses are always looking for new ways to get more customers and quality backlinks. One of the easiest ways you can do BOTH is by creating a PowerPoint slideshow demonstrating the advantages of your product or service.

Better still; offer your potential customer some useful tips… FREE. Be giving, and make sure those tips have never offered before! Offering tips that others have already offered will gain you nothing!

What? You say you can’t afford PowerPoint?

Well then, have I got a surprise for you!

There are free alternative options available to use: and I am sure there are others that you can easily do an internet search to find.

Below are two videos on creating slideshows; one using the alternative to PowerPoint; the other for using Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Below that again… we have a surprise for you!

Creating a slideshow using OpenOffice

Creating a slideshow with Microsoft’s PowerPoint

Once you have completed your slideshow and you’re ready to post it online, I highly recommend the use of Slideshare, as I have personally used this site. Slideshare is FREE to use …and, they offer solutions to market your content better should you wish to go that route.

If you’re still wondering why I’m making this suggestion to you, here’s why:

If you were to always offer one-of-a-kind type of information within your slideshows… let’s say, you offer a “how-to” slideshow on making expensive looking drapes. And… let’s say that no other such slideshow is available online. Let’s also say that you’ve offered three really great, cost-cutting ideas to your viewers within your slidehow; Tips no other drapery business would dare “give away” like this. Then you can BET your presentation will definitely gain search engine attention.

Not only will your slideshow gain search engine attention, but you will become known at the “expert” in your chosen subject. You know… the go to person.

Isn’t that what you want?

Of course it is.

To top that off… providing you’ve filled in your profile properly at Slideshare, your website will gain attention because of the link from Slideshare’s website. You could also offer links within your PowerPoint slideshow back to your website!

NOTE: There may be other slideshow sharing website available. I detailed Slideshare here because this website is high-ranking, and well known, but it may not be the only one existing.

Now, with that done… here’s your surprise goody, promised earlier in this article. One that could gain you much attention!

You can EASILY convert your PowerPoint slideshow to video!

Download Jing for FREE!

With a video created, now you can sign up for an account with YouTube and gain another valuable backlink to YouTube… as well as attention to your business through your videos!

So, now what are you waiting for?

The power of PowerPoint slideshows is all yours to use in communicating with your potential customers… even when you are sleeping!

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