The Dumbest SEO Ever Gets Banned by Google

And, what I mean by the dumbest SEO to every get banned on Google is readily labeled as Black Hat SEO.

Have you ever used Black Hat SEO?

Below is a screen print of a Google Featured Snippet that explains exactly what Black Hat SEO means.

screen print of Google's Featured Snippet showing what black hat seo is

Below are what I deem as the 9 Black Hat SEO tricks that could easily get a website banned on Google.

  1. Keyword Stuffing, which can range from literally stuffing your desired keyword on your pages of relevant information to also loading your pages with irrelevant keywords in order to gain rank in SERPs (search engine results pages) for your content.

  2. Private Blogging Networks or PBNs. These are owned and updated by the same owners and, apparently are said to contain low quality content.

    Most times, these are the sites you get backlinks too when paying for backlinks, and once you stop paying them, they remove all backlinks that you’ve paid for in the past. I’m certain that is why it is said that Google believes the PBNS are unethical.

    screen print of Google's Featured Snippet regarding PBNs
    However, according to “PBNs are still an incredibly effective way of ranking in Google.” And states “PBNs still work and they will work as long as backlinks are a ranking factor…”.

    While states “…check its content numbers and quality.” So, unless you’re prepared to follow up with a list of your SEO agent’s list of backlinks that you’ve paid for, you may want to rethink PBNs.

    Keep reading, as there’s even MORE on this below…

  3. Cloaking links to create dishonest redirects are deemed to be sneaky. The definition of cloaking a link dishonestly is when you show search engines certain content yet different content is displayed when a search engine user clicks your link offered in SERPs. This is why it is so important to use redirects properly, so that your site will not suffer penalties for this violation.

  4. Using bots or paying people to click on ad links. This violation is deemed as click fraud. For those who have posted ads on their site and then used bots or pay for someone to simply click on the ads to boost the numbers of visitors for the ad, in order to increase their revenue, could soon find their sites banned for this violation.

    According to…

    screen print of a paragraph from
    However, it is always better to establish an honest, online reputation, and NOT to even THINK about trying to cheat the system.

    Those who think they’ve gained an advantage by cheating will inevitably be faced with the consequences for their actions. And personally, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes once they’ve been discovered and labeled as cheater.

  5. Misusing Rich Snippets, which would be if you highlight falsified information. An example might be if a travel website used one of their packages as an event and falsified the reviews they received.

    Even adjusting the star rating count will be considered as exploiting Rich Snippets.

    Apparently, using the Rich Snippet incorrectly can cause you issues with Google too. So, be sure to use the correct Rich Snippets when selecting from the lists you may be provided with.

  6. Using low quality backlinking sites, and participating in link schemes. Apparently, Google is said to no longer actively penalize for what Google considers as spam links, anymore. Google used to charge a website with a massive penalty for amassing bad backlnks in order to manipulate their ranking of their website.

    According to Wikipedia, Google’s Penguin announced their intention of ignoring bad backlinks.

    screen prints from wikipedia explaining Penguin 4.0
    Avoiding any SEO website that offers a massive number of backlinks at a low cost, would be a wise way for you to save from wasting your money.

    Here’s Ruan’s experience with bad backlinking

    Ruan’s second video with followup when buying backlinks…

  7. Overuse of anchor text, which means the text you use to link too. So, if too many inbound links to your website closely match your preferred keywords, then you would be in violation of Google’s Search Console guidelines.

    screen print of Google's Featured Snippet explaining using anchor text properly
  8. Spinning content usually creates content that is similar to the original content, and is so close to exact content, Google spiders will see your content as duplicated.

    Should your Google Search Console show that you have a Manual Actions report, when you’ve used a content spinner, then that may be the reason for that issue.

    Sometimes such a report could hurt your entire website and sometimes only a particular post or page, depending on the violation reported, so do not ignore such a report.

    If it is of a page where you’ve used a content spinner then you may find re-writing the content making it unique, may solve your issue.

    The reason content spinning is never advisable is that most content spinners create low quality content, and if you don’t READ it before publishing the content, you could easily discover that it is totally unreadable.

    Plus, spinning content can be seen as a form of plagiarism, because you would be copying other people’s content and claiming it as your very own.

  9.  Malicious coding on pages in order to spread viruses, trojans, malware and or cause phishing. For obvious reasons, Google never intentionally sends their customers… those searching the internet using Google… to websites with malicious code that are created to intentionally hurt a user’s device(s) for whatever reason.
Don't Get Your Website Banned

New Digital Marketing Ends the Need of SEO

When you hire an SEO agency, many charge you on a monthly bases in order to provide you with backlinks that they hope will improve your website’s ranking in internet searches, especially Google.

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However, when you stop paying those premium monthly payments, all of those backlinks, banners and whatever else the SEO agencies have created for you, they will all disappear very quickly… even over night!

When you invest in a branding campaign with us, whatever you pay for, stays in place until the day that the site the content is shared on decides to take it down… or… ceases to exist.

That’s why your money is better spent on the different forms of digital marketing… and to be more specific, branding.


Our branding campaigns include many different sites with different forms of content that we create for your business, and then we issue the content to well-known:

  • blogs,
  • news sites,
  • videos platforms,
  • slideshows, and yes, in many cases, even
  • podcasts.

This content, once it has been published, is IMPOSSIBLE for us to EVER remove, as the sites we have permission to publish content to, are all owned and operated by others.

So, whether you choose to run a few campaigns and then quit… your campaign results REMAIN in place until the site owners decide otherwise. Like I said, we have NO means of EVER deleting the content that we create for your business and issued to these sites.

First though, you really DO need to have your business website verified in Google as being yours.

Now, if you’re wondering if Google recognizes your business only being mentioned on some of these sites, then I have the pleasure of sharing the good news with you. See screen print below, where Google has chosen to highlight the relevant sentence.

Google Featured Snippet explaining importance of mentions...

So, if you’re tired of paying for SEO that disappears the minute you stop paying their monthly premiums, then perhaps it’s time for you to try our branding. We offer you a 30-day money back guarantee, detailed as follows…

30 day guarantee explained

Looking forward to you contacting me, either by telephone or email.

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I do hope this article has helped you understand better, the importance of not trying to circumvent any established rules when trying to get your business site notice online.



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