Critical SEO Factor – Now Not Only Mobile-Friendly

Page loading Speed pictured with 3 different devices

Now that you’ve installed that awesome looking responsive design theme on your website, you figure your website is now mobile-friendly … and, you would be right … BUT … yes, there’s a BUT in here … this alone no longer offers you assurance that your site will appear high in internet search results for being mobile-friendly. Continue reading

How a Website Can Help Grow Your Offline Business

picture of a power center (several stores)

If as a business owner, you have passion in what you do and you’re not afraid to show it, a well constructed website CAN help you grow your offline business.

What do I mean by “well constructed website”, you ask? I mean that you need to follow the proper ways of constructing a website and not just have your teenager throw a few things about your business online.

  1. You need to have a relevant domain name. To help you figure this out, let me ask you this question: Continue reading