How to Learn Web Design

view of a book with sketches of web design sitting on a desktop

Have you often wondered if it would be worth your while to create your very own website? If you have, then my answer to you is, why not. Whether you simply want your business online or to create an online business, I’m going to show you how you can learn web design right from your home … and … in your spare time! Continue reading

Busting SEO Myths

bowling pins being struck by a bowling ball

There are a lot of “SEO expert” advice all over the internet. Some even claim that much of the “old school” SEO no longer works. Boy, have I got news for them; old school SEO still works so don’t be too quick to toss away what you have learned over the years.

Now, let’s get starting busting SEO myths. Continue reading

Why You Need a Website for Your Business

a black & white image of a monitor with Web Design on it with a baoll covered in webdesign in different fonts sitting in front of the monitor

The internet is a magical place loaded with so much information that it would take many lifetimes to sift through it all. The internet is so huge that it can sometimes be difficult to even find the information you may be looking for.

If you’re a business owner, finding the right website designer or developer to build a website for your business could be stressful and complicated … but it doesn’t have to be. Continue reading

Critical SEO Factor – Now Not Only Mobile-Friendly

Page loading Speed pictured with 3 different devices

Now that you’ve installed that awesome looking responsive design theme on your website, you figure your website is now mobile-friendly … and, you would be right … BUT … yes, there’s a BUT in here … this alone no longer offers you assurance that your site will appear high in internet search results for being mobile-friendly. Continue reading

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