Finding Customers to Solve Your Business Problem

Finding customers to solve your business problem is what this post will help you discover how to do. As I’m sure you’ve heard many times during your years in business, content is king.

With quality, unique content shared on many other websites talking about your business, your business will stand out from your competition.

You could hire writers to create that content for you.

Such platforms as Fiverr exists to help struggling businesses and struggling writers get a fair shake in order to compete in many of today’s different industries.

Or perhaps a family member could create your content for you.

Then there are other options like getting press releases written and submitted to the many different sites that allow press releases submitted for free. Though some of these types of links are short lived, they still work in today’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are paid press releases that you may want to consider too, depending on your budget.

Here’s a list of PAID and FREE press release businesses (sorted alphabetically):

FREE / PAIDPress Release Company’s NameURL
FREE1888 Press Release
PAID24-7 Press Release
PAIDB2Press Online Press Service
PAIDEIN Presswire
PAIDExpress Press Release Distribution
FREEFree PR News (UK)
FREEMarket Press Release
FREENanotechnology Now Press Release
FREENewsWire Today
PAIDOnline PR Media
PAIDPR Distribution
PAIDPR Newswire
FREEPress Releases Online (UK)
FREEPressbox (UK)
PAIDResponse Source Press Release Wire (UK)
PAIDThe Open Press
FREEThomas Network
FREEToStories Press Release

There are also sites where you can share your news stories about your business, such as or HARO. Or you could try reaching out to other news outlets.

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To do that you need to find their contact information. Check their contact page, or you may find the link located in the footer of many news websites.

Apparently, once you find the contact page, there are 3 types of submission structures.

  1. They may simply give you an email address in which to use in submitting your news story to them. Simply copy their email address and use it to sent them a copy of your story about your business.

  2. There may be a host submission textbox in which you simply use that textbox to paste your copied story into, and then click the forms Submit button.

  3. And then again, there may be a list of reporters and editors email addresses. If that is what you are offered, look down the list and find the contact (either a reporter or an editor) that you think would cover your story.

    So, if you have a new type of gadget that you’re selling, you would submit your story to the tech reporter. You may even find a general email address such as offered. If so, you could even opt to send your story to the general email, as well as a specific reporter’s email address.

TIP: NEVER send your story to more than 2 reporters from the same news site. It has been recommended that you only send to the specific reporter that would be interested in your story, and the general tips OR an editor’s email.

Here’s article, 6 Ways to Find Anyone’s Email Address (Tried & Tested).

There are also email extractor software available, both free and paid for, that can automatically extract email address from websites (as well as social media accounts) across the internet. Simply Google searching for these will help you find the latest and greatest email extractors.

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It is said that journalists are busier than ever, covering more with less. offers a webinar where you can learn how to Prepare to Pitch the Media in a Post-Pandemic World. They claim that in this webinar you will hear from:

  • Jefferson Graham, Tech Columnist, USA TODAY;
  • Lydia Dishman, Contributing Editor Fast Company; and
  • Ana Medaris Miller, Senior Health Reporter, Business Insider

And you will get to learn about:

  • Where and how reporters look to find stories
  • What a good pitch is
  • When to pitch a reporter and by
  • What means… and more.

Then of course, there are the online directories (the link starts with “Accounting”. You may need to scroll down in order to find you industry.) that you could get your business listed on for free.

And then there are all of the different social media accounts that are available to use. You could create and use these, to provide even more quality backlinks. Though, I recommend that you only pick the relevant accounts where your customers are more likely to be found.

In order to benefit from these types of backlinks, you definitely need to follow the proper NAP format.

NAP is an acronym that stands for Name, Address, Phone number. Always make sure that your NAP is:

  • Correctly stated EVERY WHERE, and
  • Stated exactly the same.

According to Moz, being consistent with your NAP is one of the most important factors for local SEO.

If you prefer not having to reach out to news sites yourself, and yet you would still like the benefit of your business being talked about on these types of sites, plus:

  • podcasts,
  • slideshows,
  • video sites,
  • social media, and more
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…then perhaps you’re ready to explore branding.

This type of service is for any business owner who is tired of paying those hefty, monthly fees for SEO.

With branding, you will get a combination of stories, videos, podcasts and even blog posts that focus on the service and location of your business that you want to rank high for in search results.

So, if publicity is more to your liking (Google loves and recognizes publicity, when it’s done right!), you can read up on How Your Business Can Survive the Economic Slowdown that our economy is now experiencing.

According to, the 6 top reasons businesses fail are:

  1. Not satisfying a need
  2. Bad business plan
  3. Lack of financing
  4. Bad location, internet presence, and marketing
  5. Inflexibility
  6. Rapid expansion

They also claim that though 20% of new businesses fail within the first 2 years, you don’t have to fail. You can avoid the many pitfalls and be a part of the 25% of businesses that make it to 15 years and more!

The right tools can make you money. Are you ready to explore why SEO tactics now fail? There really is an EASY fix, and it’s called branding.

When you’re ready to let me and my team take on the work of creating lots of great content about the service and the location you want to become known best for, all you need to do is contact me.


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