Have you ever tried building a website before and it didn’t come out the way you planned?

If you’ve ever tried building a website before and it didn’t come out the way you planned, fret no more.

Most people think that dragging and dropping a few images and a bit of text onto a web page is all they need to do… until they preview what they’ve built.

The good thing is it really isn’t your fault, and the solution to this is a pretty simple one.

Let me explain:

When I was young, I hopped into my car to go shopping and my car would not start at all, and I had no idea why.

Popping open the hood on my car only proved fruitless, as nothing appeared to be out of place, but then I really don’t know much about the mechanics of cars anyway.

My car had lots of gas in it so that wasn’t the problem.

So, I eventually called my Dad and he came to my rescue.

When I explained to him what happened, he had me pop the hood and try to start the car. Then he yelled to me to turn it off.

He got out some tools and after a bit of work, he explained that my car needed a new part.

Later that same day, my Dad replaced the bad part with a new one and a few minutes later… Vrooom!

Like magic, my car was back in proper working order.

Here I was, frustrated trying to figure out the issue with my car, when all I needed to do was get someone’s help who knows what to do.

Creating a website is the same way.

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If you aren’t getting the results that you want, then you need to turn to a “website mechanic”.

Someone who knows the ins and outs of building a website that works great.

Someone who can diagnose what is going on and get your website “back on the road”.

This can stop you from wasting a lot of time trying to do it on your own.

The good thing is, I’m such a “website mechanic” waiting for you, and my services will NOT cost you an arm and a leg.

I can help you figure out what the problem is and how to fix it, whether it is that you need:

…or, anything else that may be holding you back.

Want some help from this Internet Specialist on how to create a winning website that rocks?

So, you don’t understand HTML, WordPress, Cascade Style Sheets, Javascript, etc., and many website designers ask for thousands of dollars to create a single website.

You find it far too time-consuming to learn website design JUST so you can have a website for your business, though, your competition have great websites.

How can ANYONE blame you!

You’d rather be working at your business then having to spend time learning to code a website properly.

Website design and the challenges of creating a new website is not only my profession …it’s also my passion!

Parr’s Publishing comes to you, highly recommended for offering reasonable prices AND great customer service.

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See for yourself; watch the video testimonials below.

…as well as other forms of testimonies that have been received throughout the years.

6 July 2015 testimonial card from customer Ruth
happy customer Radha's testimonial 2015
post card from a happy customer 2013

Imagine this… you say what it is that you want on YOUR website and I will make sure your website is created …and updated… according to YOUR wishes.

This way, YOU will be free to run YOUR business …and… you will be ready to serve even MORE customers that YOUR new, professionally designed website will surely bring your way.

Do NOT delay!

Customers are served on a first-come, first served basis and in order to provide you with top-notch web design AND the very BEST in customer service.

We also limit the number of new customers that we take on at one time, in order to serve everyone best.

Click on “Services”, pick the package that suits YOUR budget best, then go to the “Contact” page for the email address to contact me.

You have my guarantee that if YOU’RE not happy then YOU do NOT pay!

Limited Openings Available For YOU to Save Money.

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Website Designer for Parr's Publishing. As a full certified Internet Specialist, I help business owners and organizations increase their profits by providing them with a fully managed, custom designed website as well as basic Search Engine Optimization.

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