How to Rank My Business on Google Page One – Even Without Any Videos!

Some marketing agencies are claiming that traditional methods for ranking a website for the first page of Google are a bit outdated, and that we now need to apply new strategies.

It is my aim is to share with you what I discovered in how to rank my business on Google page one.

The Times They Are A-Chagin’

Those same agencies say that now the best way to rank on the first page of Google is by using YouTube video. Why they stated this they say that it is pretty simple, “Google considers YouTube to be its younger brother.”

They went on to claim that Google is always going to favour video over another website.

Later on in this post, I will share with you what one agency told me to do in order to rank on Google page one even without one single video… so be sure to continue reading this post.

The first thing I was told to do while using Google Chrome is to go incognito, or if when using Firefox, choose new private window… then go to Google and type in the main keywords that I want to rank for.

For my example here, I’ll use local plumber.

Let’s say that I live in Cobourg (Ontario, Canada) and that I am a plumber.

Now, if I were a resident in Cobourg and I in need of a plumber, most likely I would use “Cobourg plumber” or “plumber Cobourg” as my search words.

So, I will use that as the main keyword that I would target as an owner of a plumbing business in that city.

Okay, if that plumbing website is not showing up on Google page one… or the site has dropped down toward the bottom of Google’s page one results… then you need to go back inside the Google search textbox, and add a space after the last keyword that you typed in, and then copy the words that Google suggests for you …as seen in the screen print below.

screen print of Google search

Now, these are the keywords that people actually use in searching for a plumber.

In the screen print above, I would copy all 3 of the keywords to use.

The marketing agency that taught me this, claims that it is super important to target areas near your city… or in the city, if you are in a big city like, let’s say, Toronto.

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Now, with the 3 keywords I have found to use for my (pretend) plumbing business located in Cobourg, I will create 3 videos, each one targeting one of the 3 keywords… and, get them ranking on the first page of Google.

Remember that I promised to share with you how you could rank on Google page one even without a video?

Well, I will share this tip with you now.

You will need to have a gmail account so that you can sign into YouTube, as you are going to create a Live Stream that you can use later on… or never use.

Here is what you need to do.

Go to… click on the video icon, and select Go live.

screen print showing you where to click what

Once the next page loads, then simply click on Don’t Allow option on the prompt asking you to allow the use of your camera and microphone.

Then click on Stream Now Classic from the left-hand sidebar.

screen print showing Stream Now Classic and Don't Allow

Once there, you need to add your Title and Description. In your title, be sure to include the main keywords at least twice.

screen print showing where to add your Title and Description

In the case of my Example, I would then type in “plumber Cobourg, Ontario” (without the quotation marks, of course) and then add a dash and type in “are you looking for a plumber in Cobourg, Ontario?” (again, without the quotation marks)… so that my Live Stream title would then look as follows:

screen print showing my example title

So now you can see that the title before the dash and after the dash are NOT the same but similar.

This is the pattern that was suggested for me to use, for all my events AND videos.

If you had enough room in your title, you could even add the telephone number of your business or your domain name.

Though the agency that shared this method with me recommends adding the website to the description of the video only.

Be sure to have the description for your Live Stream (of video) already prepared BEFORE you do this in order to have it written properly, with all of the necessary inclusions.

Here is what was shown to me:

In your description on the first 3 lines, be sure to show:

  1. the telephone number, if it is a local business,

  2. be sure to include the website URL or sales page/squeeze page (wherever you want your visitor to click and go on your website), and then

  3. enter a phrase that is super related to the keywords you are targeting. So, do make sure you use the main keywords in that phrase.
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My Plumbing Example Would Use

Telephone: 905-555-1414
A plumber Cobourg, Ontario waiting to serve you. Call now!

Next, they recommend entering about 200 to 300 characters of sentences related to the product that you are promoting, or the local business.

Always make sure to include the main keyword at lease 4 times in the description.

The keywords do NOT need to be identical but rather variations of the main keywords need to be included in your description.

This is why it will be easier for you to prepare your description BEFORE attempting this task.

Once your Description is in place… toggle the Schedule for later to ON, and then click on the down arrow to the right of today’s date (as shown in the screen print below).

screen print showing 3 areas to complete the next steps

Then simply pick a date, let’s say, one year from now.

By clicking on the greater-than symbol beside the name of the month, on the drop-down monthly calendar that appears.

I have selected one year into the future… from the day I am writing this (though the year is not displayed, it IS set for 2021).

Like I said previously, you are never going to stream live. You are simply going to rank the Live event, and get clicks from the live event without any videos.

All you have to do now is scroll down and click on the Create Stream button.

screen print showing you the Create Stream button

Then on the next screen… you need to click on the Done button.

For obvious reasons, I did NOT make my example into a Live Steam event as this is ONLY and example so that you better understand the steps described here.

Then you could repeat this process for absolutely every one of those keywords that you want to rank for.

In my example, I would need to make a unique title and description for all 3 keywords. You may have 10 keywords that you could use when you actually try this.

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Within one hour of the agency publishing their test case for me to see, and when using a New Private Window or Incognito… they tested EACH and EVERY keyword they used following this process, in order to get their customer’s site rank to improve on Google’s page one.

Of the 12 keywords, their client’s Live Events were ranking HIGH on Google page one… four of which ranked number 1 on Google’s page one.

Personally, I don’t see this technique of using fake Live Stream as being professional but rather more what I deem to be Black Hat behaviour.

However, this technique is one of 3 TIPS that I discovered and decided to share with you here.

PLUS, don’t forget that you CAN use this method for REAL videos that you create and host on your YouTube channel.

In THAT regard, I would use this method in a heartbeat!

To use or not to use fake Live Stream is totally up to yourself.

Though you will need to be prepared, as I am certain if too much of this happens, Google will put a stop to this method.

As I truly believe this to be an abuse of Live Streaming.

After a few days, this agency asked their client if they received more calls for their local business. To their surprise, the answer was “No”.

They were so disappointed, given this method that they were sure would work.

After much brainstorming, they discovered why this didn’t work.

It was simply because the videos did not grab the searcher’s attention.

Next month, I will be sharing how this agency was able to grab the searcher’s attention and GOT more clicks for their client’s local business.

Should you have any question regarding how to rank my business on Google page one even without any videos, please leave me a comment below.

All comments are responded to in a timely manner.

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