How to Perfectly Optimize Your WordPress Blog for SEO

WordPress SEO Series

Here is a 13 videos on how to perfectly optimize your wordpress blog content for SEO, and thus maximum traffic from the big search engines. Videos by Chase Reiner.

SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google in 2021

SEO Basics 2020 – Learn How To Become an SEO Pro Today (Video 1)

What is On Page SEO and GMB Optimization? (Video 2)

Local SEO Complete Guide To Ranking in One Month! (Video 3)

How I Rank Without Backlinks in 2018 (Simple Process) (Video 4)

Advanced Schema Markup (Video 5)

How To Choose The Best Keywords For Your Business (Video 6)

How To Build SEO Traffic To a Local Website (Easy Step by Step System) (Video 7)

How To Set Up Google Analytics + Bing Search Console (Video 8)

SEO VS PPC (Google Adwords) Which is Better? (Video 9)

SEO Copywriting (Video 10)

How Do You Create Content With SEO in Mind? (Video 11)

The Complete Guide To SEO in 2020 (Video 12)

Here’s where you can get the free template and screaming frog config, mentioned in this guide:

How To Launch And SEO Skyscraper Content Like a Pro (Video 13)

Once you’ve adapted Chase’s recommendations you should see a marked improvement in your SEO!

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