7 Ways to Write Easy Reading Articles

So many of us bloggers have so much to share that I think it a crime when I land at on web page with text that is so badly spaced out that I leave… because the information is far too tough to read.

It really makes my eyes hurt just looking at a web page with text crammed together though the author didn’t have time to space their thoughts out better.

So, if you want to make it easier for your reader to examine what you’ve written, why not try the following:

  1. Space out your paragraphs so there is a white space BETWEEN paragraphs. It’s much easier on the eyes, and more apt to be read… and, maybe even shared!

  2. Always split up overly long paragraphs. 7WaysWriteEasyReadingArticles-image01When you keep your paragraphs short, your article becomes easier to read.

  3. Write though you are speaking to a friend. Overly complex wording or excessive jargon could alienate your readers.

  4. Proof read what you’ve written BEFORE publishing. This will help your credibility on any given subject you choose to write about.

  5. Share new information. Simply regurgitating other’s ideas won’t gain you the recognition you’re looking for.

  6. Keep your articles at anywhere from 800 to 2,000 words, or until you have NOTHING left to add. Anything more than this could overwhelm you readers, so you MAY have to provide a table of contents for posts 2,000 words.

    NEVER add fluff to your posts. If you have said all there is to say about ANYTHING you wish to share, and you cannot find more helpful information, then that is when you STOP writing whether you reach the 800 word mark or not.

  7. Add only relevant images when and where possible within your article. For more detailed information on image placement, I recommend you visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Layout#Images
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There have been times when I copied and pasted text from a web page into a Word document so that I could add the necessary spaces. That was the only way to make it possible for me to be able to grasp an author’s advice on something I so desired to know more about.

No one needs to be a professor of English to write a compelling article. You only need compassion for your subject, and a few tools (like spell-checking) that are readily available, to present your ideas to the world!

Can you write your next narrative following these 7 ways to write easy reading articles?

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