Beware Domain Registry of Canada (DROC now IDNS) Scam – UPDATED

New name, same game!

letter from IDNS Canada. New name, same scam!Recently received and letter in my regular, daily mail regarding a website domain name (that HAS already been updated) needing to be updated, according to IDNS Canada.

Oh, and this “new business” (IDNS Canada) now also has a new domain name for their “business website” instead of the old

Please note the exact same letter style as those this scam artist mailed out in years past. The only change is in the logo. I have purposely labeled the new images, “new name, same scam”, so consider this our official SCAM ALERT for 2018!

– – – PREVIOUSLY published back in November 2012 – – –

Several local business website owners are STILL receiving letters from the Domain Registry of Canada (, asking them to renew their domain names, yet they never dealt with them before. Many have lost scam

Although their document may look official (on the viewer’s right), it is NOT. We urge you to ignore all correspondence from this company.

Please, do not get hoodwinked by sending money to the Domain Registry of Canada. I repeat; THIS IS A SCAM designed to convince you to switch your domain registrar.

Those who pay this company ANY money generally lose their money and, in most cases, their domain name as well.

A great reason to hire us to manage your website!

We will always offer you help whenever you receive a fraudulent email or regular mail alert that you need to updated your website domain registration. To date, I’m still receiving emails claiming I need to update domain registrations for domains that have been deserted by me or my customers long ago!

You can learn more about the DROC scam from the articles posted at the following links:

The following rating doesn’t say much for the value of a BBB “seal of approval”, not in my eyes that’s for sure. Be sure to read the one star review that is on their site… yet still they rate this service like this… really?

Do an internet search for “DROC scam” and you will find even more articles posted on the web regarding this scam. scam

– – – END OF PREVIOUSLY published – – –

Now you will need to do an internet search for “IDNS scam” (without the quotation marks, of course) but you will discover that this is the same game, just a new name and website!
IDNS envelope that their letter arrived in, in 2018

Please, don’t YOU be their next victim!

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