Media Marketing Done Right

So, you have an online presence… a Google MyBusiness account or a website… or better still BOTH, and you feel that you’re ready to take the next step and have your local business be considered number ONE in town.

If that is the case, then please continue to read this entire page to learn how I can help you grow and scale your business online, using my connections with the media.

Media marketing is better known as a form of digital advertising without the “selling”, and it should be considered as mandatory as a promotional step to increase your traffic and results for any critical piece of online content or sales page.

Any business can benefit from my media marketing.

  • Creates LONG TERM buyer traffic from Google and other digital assets
  • Forms the basis of your content marketing plan
  • Media marketing can be done for any content you produce or any product you advertise
  • Essentially a great way to manage reputation and increase conversion
  • Allows you to hijack your competitor’s traffic

Digital advertising is where I will advertise your business for you on various large sites such as well-known news sites, as well as other major brands across the internet, in order to bring you more targeted customers.

For those clients who hire my digital advertising services, you will receive monthly reports so that you will understand what has been done for you.

Traits of the ideal candidates for this service are business owners whom are:

  • Busy
  • Attuned and ready to listen
  • Seriously committed to growing their business
  • Operate a safe business
  • Are budget and ROI (return on investment) focused

PLEASE NOTE: I am limiting the clients that I will be working with for monthly digital advertising, as 5 pieces of content hosted online monthly per campaign will keep me busy to the point that I will only be able to tend to a few clients for this service.

If you feel that your business would benefit from this service then simply answer ALL of the following questions and send them to me in an email so that we can talk further.

Just highlight, copy and paste all of the 12 questions from the embedded form below, into your email form, and then replace the lines underneath each question with your answers to each of the questions, BEFORE you click Send.

Send your email to me using:

Once you have hired my monthly digital advertising, overtime this will increase the visibility of your business …AND… I assure you that I will NOT do digital advertising for your competition.

Looking forward to doing business with you.

UPDATE: Learned recently that even eCommerce businesses are now benefiting from this service.

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