Earn for referrals

Parr’s Publishing wants to pay YOU!

As eParrs.com continues to grow, we believe in rewarding our loyal community for helping in this growth. For every new, qualified customer you send to Parr’s Publishing, we’ll reward YOU with CASH!

CASH can be used anywhere YOU want to use it. It’s our way of saying Thank YOU for your efforts in helping us to help others.

Send us one qualified customer and you could get paid as much as $200!

a mock cheque from me

Want to earn more?

YOU will receive $200 CASH for EACH qualified customer you send to Parr’s Publishing. Should you send us qualified customers in excess of 10 within any one given year, then YOU will get an EXTRA $200 CASH!

Now, I sense an excellent earning opportunity in that statement, don’t you?

What are the conditions?

  1. In order to receive a referral CASH payment of $100, your qualified customer referral must have chosen either the Plus or Premium website package from the Services web page, having their website designed and managed by Parr’s Publishing, and have their account paid-in-full.
  2. To receive ANOTHER $100 CASH, the same customer must have purchased and paid for a SEO package from us at the very same time as they are having their website designed by Parr’s Publishing.
  3. Should only one of the above be fulfilled, your referral payment will be for $100.
  4. For referral payments outside of our local area, please have a PayPal account previously setup and ready for us to use in making all payments to YOU.

At Parr’s Publishing, customers only pay once they are 100% satisfied with the work we have done for them. Yes, this means that no one pays even a penny for work that is not up to their expectations.


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