Is The Business Owners Survival Guide for Real?

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This eBook is claimed to be a new release that is being temporarily reduced from the regular cost, for the duration of the pandemic.

Author Neil Godin calls himself “the turnaround guy” and has trademarked this as his own. This eBook claims to provide you with 10 fast-acting, no-cost and low-cost ways to survive the current crisis, and achieve a rapid and robust recovery.

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Lower Your Advertising Costs and Get More Customers: Learn How You Can be a Real Lead Magnet

If you truly want a method of lower your advertising costs and getting more customers ta’boot, then it is time for you to learn how you can become a real lead magnet. Getting more customers and getting more leads, I am certain that you will agree, are two different things. I assure you this post will help you learn how you can get more CUSTOMERS; so let’s get started.

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