Twitter Video Upload Error [FIX] – Your Video File Could Not Be Processed

This was very frustrating, when trying to quickly upload an awesome video to Twitter, on April 10, 2020.

That’s when I received a prompt from Twitter: “Your video file could not be processed. Please see tips for uploading videos.” shown in the image above).

When clicking on their link provided in their “Learn More” link, I became so overwhelmed with SO much information that was provided, and simply scanning their page I did not see anything that pertain to this issue.

So, I decided to guess what the issue might be.

The file size of the original MP4 video was all of 1.31 MB, and for a 1-minute video, I didn’t think it was a problem but… I decide that it was best to investigate by searching for an answer.

After several tries searching the internet, I came across ONE post that offered a PAID fix.

Well, that just didn’t sit well with me.

Given all the goodies out there on the internet today that are free. Surely to goodness, my favourite video converter site could fix this for me.

screen print of converting options provided by

Because I use so much for all my conversions, I have now added their site to my Firefox browser.

After clicking on their Video converter icon (image to the right), my browser was taken to their website where, from the left-hand sidebar (image shown below).

I ended up choosing Webservice converter, as initially I hadn’t notice that option was even available.

Once I clicked on Webservice converter, another list of selections was provided to me (image shown below).

From that list, I choose Convert For Facebook, which in hindsight doesn’t make sense (but this video came from a Facebook post, so now you know my thinking)… but stick with me here.

screen print of the different options to convert to

The video I simply dragged ‘n dropped and it was converted in mere minutes, and I immediately tried to upload it again to Twitter.

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This time Twitter took allowed this to be shared without issue.

Now, this converted file is 3.46 MB in size, but alas, Twitter was much happier with it.

Go figure… ‘cause I cannot, but it worked.

That’s when In decided that I should share this information.

You know, for those of you who have run into the same issue and are in need of a quick, inexpensive fix.

While writing this post, I realized that I SHOULD have selected to Convert For Twitter.

That is what I did while writing this… and VOILA!

The converted file for Twitter was all of 15.925 KB in size.

That’s when I decided that I had better try uploading it to see if Twitter would be happy with it.

At first, Twitter sat there doing nothing, not even showing progress while processing… notta’.

Then, I refreshed my Twitter and tried uploading the 3.46 MB file again.

Yup, that too sat for a short while but finally DID upload.

I then uploaded an image… a cute one, but I wanted to be able to separate the two different converted files to see for myself if Twitter would accept them BOTH this time… or not, so that I could share the outcome with you here.

Then I tried uploading the 15.925 KB video file, and this time I simply waited, and Twitter FINALLY uploaded it.

It is my guess that this evening’s efforts were taking longer than “normal” due to so many of us at home now during the quarantine.

The servers are most likely a tad overtaxed.

Below are the two different files sizes shared this evening on Twitter only moments apart (clicking each of the images will show you the actual tweets).

screen print of my tweeting the 3.46 MB video
the 3.46 MB file


screen print of my tweeting the 15.925 KB video
the 15.925 KB file

Can YOU see the difference? I can’t.

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However, I do recommend that you convert your videos for Twitter when wanting to share videos on Twitter, and you get this error prompt.

Hope you found this post helpful.

Would really appreciate your leaving a comment below, and sharing this with your friends will help me spread the word for this Twitter video upload error fix, so that others will know how simple this is to correct… and, at NO cost.


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