Offering high quality website development at the most affordable prices

Offering high quality website development at the most affordable prices. You are assured complete customer satisfaction or your money back!

Parr’s Publishing is a registered Canadian website design services business based out of Oshawa, Ontario.

  1. Desktop, Laptop, Mobile and Tablet Friendly Website Design

  2. No Monthly Contracts – No Hidden Charges – Transparent experience

  3. Quick turnaround time, affordably priced packages, device friendly and high quality website design.

    Each website is:
        a. design using WordPress, HTML5, CSS3

        b. custom designed to our customer’s needs

        c. using a Responsive design theme

        d. fully managed on a regular basis for one full year

  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) available – this will get your business seen!

        a. given a sitemap XML as a bonus

Complete Website Packages start for as little as $600

I can recommend a TOP-NOTCH local web host so you keep you website and domain name no matter WHO you hire as a website designer!

With over 20 years experience creating professional websites and ranking those sites on Google, as well as driving leads to local businesses via the internet, I focus on local SEO.

For more in-depth look and understanding of local SEO, I offer you the following information … Google search results ranks businesses in the manner shown in the image below, when someone does a Google search for a local business.

screen print of Google map rankings for local businesses

Local SEO is the most cost-effective SEO for all small businesses because:

  1. It is perceived to be the most trustworthy listing, since it includes all of the business listing information.

  2. It shows the business phone number so a customer can call immediately.

  3. When searched from a mobile device, potential leads can call a business straight from the listing page with one click.

  4. Google map listings show higher on the search page than the organic listings that are listed organically below.

When the “local 3-pack” (or the Snack Pack as some are calling this) area of Google search is displayed, many users click from here. For maximum exposure and lead generation you should also be focusing on ranking your website here. To offer you further proof, look at the heat map picture below that shows a user’s click habits.

Well known local services like dentists, lawyers, realtors, mechanics, optometrists and even financial advisors are frequently searched for on Google. Nearly every type of business has some search traffic on Google. If you’re the first business they find in their search results, you have the best chance at signing them up as a customer!

Customers are much more apt to speak with you if they find you, rather than if you find them. Once your website becomes truly Google-friendly your site will rank high for awhile; unlike traditional marketing, like pamphlets and flyers that are disposed of, in many times within minutes of being received.

Websites that I ranked high years ago remain ranking high … but only because the owners did NOT “set it and forget it”. So, NEVER ignore your organic SEO listing. At the very least, have your site’s basic SEO completed.

You can adjust your local SEO in Google’s 3-pack

  1. Do NOT panic if you’re website is not listed in the local 3-pack

    Apparently, now this all depends on the Google searcher’s IP address. This new way of displaying the local 3-pack is the new way Google is trying to play fair with more local businesses. Chances are, your business may be showing in the local 3-pack to several searchers even though you may receive a ranking tool checker’s report that states otherwise.

  2. Are you listed as one of the top 20 websites on Google Maps?
    Many tests have been run that show that the top 20 are simply being re-arranged depending on the searcher’s actual physical location (their IP address). This is being assumed as Google’s attempt to be fairer by offering fair exposure to local business listings.

    If this is true, you may find you will need to reconsider your local SEO tactics. Being listed within the top 20 WILL then be beneficial.

  3. Continue improving how your business is displayed in the local 3-pack
    Make sure to update how your details (example: adding related images) to make your listing look more attractive than your competition will now work wonders for you, where before this was not so important.

    Claim and complete filling in your Google Business Profile that is now known as Google Business Profile.

    Most of the information used in the local 3-packs, apparently comes from the information inserted in your Google Business Profile (example: address, telephone number, street address, etc.). If you’re new to this feature, be sure to:

        a. Select the correct category for your business.

        b. Makes sure you add as unique a description as possible, formatting it correctly and make sure you add links where allowed.

        c. Use quality images, and the sizes recommended to be used.

        d. List your telephone number.

        e. List the postal address of your business, being sure that ALL of your directory and website addresses are the very same.

    Be sure to state your business opening and closing hours

    Staying within the top 20 would include this information. Local listings shown either near or after closing time will be displayed with “Closed” or “Closes soon”, etc. Making sure to include your business hours will be highly beneficial to your Google listing.

  4. Stay with local SEO procedures in order to get to the top 20 listed

        a. Local SEO is an EXCELLENT way to rank well within any internet search. The changes being noted in Google’s local 3-pack, apparently is NOT from an algorithmic change.

        b. Make sure you Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) is consistent in all online listings of your business EVERYWHERE (example: online directories).

        c. Continue to encourage customer to add reviews for your business.

        d. Get quality backlinks. Example: for local business websites, you need to rely more on links from other local websites, especially if they relate to your business.

    Following are a list of factors that are relevant for your business landing page in local SEO rankings.

    1. Be sure your city and province appear in your page title.

    2. Your product or service keyword used in your page title.

    3. NAP – name, address and phone number consistent on ALL online listings.

    4. Loading time of your landing or home page.

    5. Relevant keyword(s) in your landing page’s content.

    6. Quality inbound links to your website. As of May 2015, Google is now reporting that mobile searches have outpaced desktop searches! If your business website is not optimized for local mobile searches, your site will not be listed.

More and more younger customers depend on “near me” search results to local businesses they want to deal with.

As of May 2015, local “near me” searches on Google surged 34 times, of which more than half of those searchers visit the shop they found within the day. Apparently, convenience often times trumps brand loyalty when users want something NOW.

With so many customers now looking for things in their area, will your business be found online, in mobile searches?

“I’m never satisfied. I’ve never met anyone that works harder than me in my industry.” ~ Beyonce

Why YOU need to be watching the “Near Me” searching trend

It would be in your best interest to stay in touch with this trend as this knowledge will allow you to adjust your SEO strategy. Using the key phrases people are search for will keep you ahead of your competition.

More users use Google than any other search engine, so local businesses must pay attention to these SEO trends in order to maintain or improve your rankings in search results. Phrases like “near me”, “nearby” or “closest” done on mobile devices have increased in use over the past few years, with the popularity of use doubling by 2015.

Try doing a “near me” search on a desktop, then try it on a mobile device, and see for yourself. This trend is still growing in popularity, so it is not about to go away anytime soon.

There are momentous holes in Google’s geo coding. Many Canadian businesses located above the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) are finding this, especially those out in the country. Though this option is usually accurate for a city listed address, many Canadian addresses are listed way off.

What happens if Google Maps have your customers taken down the road to a competitor instead of your business?

However, you can manually adjust your exact geocodes from within your Google Business Profile account. Then be sure to confirm your location data represented is consistent with your location data on record. Be sure to regularly monitor your local listings.

SEO Trends in 2022

  1. Basic SEO is better than ever

    Some out-of-the-box WordPress plugins are working wonders. Plugins like Rank Math, used properly help newbies automatically improve their website SEO.

    Products like this still do NOT replace the basics like title tags, meta tags, rich snippets and proper navigation.

  2. Long-form articles with rich content are now very important
    Recently, user demand has search engines favouring longer articles that offer rich, pertinent content. So be sure to add some of these to your website, describing your product and offer insights into your business … without adding unnecessary fluff.

    Though this feature is still questionable: will people engage with lengthy news content on the phones?

  3. Social Media still rocks!
    According to Jayson DeMers, more than 52% of the 357 online marketers surveyed said they experienced a positive return on investment (ROI) from their social media marketing. With 65% believing social media will become even more important over the next 5 years.

    Encouraging your customers to share your product or service URLs and add reviews whenever and wherever possible will help keep your audience engaged, increasing your business visibility across both search engines and social media.

  4. Video content still a must-have
    Given the increased use of mobile devices and WiFi accessibility, video has become even more popular, and thus more in demand. Hosting your videos on YouTube, will have your videos showing up in Google search results for the tags you’ve used. Videos in search results have more potential of being clicked on then text.

  5. If your website is not mobile-friendly, your site is losing visitors!
    Google keeps changing the rules: Websites must now be mobile-friendly When PageRank was still being readily displayed, websites that were not mobile-friendly by April 21, 2016 were automatically lowered in rank. I ought to know, my hobby website that has ranked with a 4 for several years was dropped to a 3 because my loading page ONLY was not mobile-friendly.

  6. “Near me” searches have become more popular
    As mentioned above, local SEO is more important than ever before. Don’t get left behind. Whether you service on an international or national level, you will STILL need to do your local SEO or suffer losing out to your competition for “near me” searches.

  7. Voice searching has become more popular
    This type of search is coming from mobile devices, which gives the users a hands-free search option.

    Optimizing your website for voice searches is much different from regular searches … or local searches for that matter.

    Google’s Hummingbird now offers users to make queries like “where do I find a hair dresser?” without the use of a keyword-based phrase. There is NO need to stuff your articles with keywords. Google’s Hummingbird will be looking for answers to specific questions.

    Discover questions your target audience are asking and then you can easily create content to answer those questions. This is where a Q&A page becomes great “real estate” to add to your website. Offer your website visitors a means of asking questions then you can post their answers.

    Google is bound to use factors like your visitor’s engagement as well as your reputation as an author to determine the importance given to your content. Be sure to learn how to use Rich Snippets to help you structure your data best. This will help you in preparing for the growing popularity in voice searches.

  8. And now digital or branding has become a must

    When done right, media marketing is a must have for local businesses that want to rank better than their competition, given the challenge nowadays for maintain page one ranking in a Google search for your business.

    With most devices coming preloaded with the Google Chrome browser by default, if your site is not ranking well in Google, then you are losing customers. That’s like leaving money on the table.

Many SEO experts claim that Google says that over 82% of smartphone users search for local businesses while 91% search for location information. Many use their devices while they are in a store when deciding to make a purchase.

If, as a business owner you are able to understand the mindset of your potential customers better, your online presence will grow significantly.

When people turn to their smartphone to search for something they need, Google classes this type of search moments as “micro-moments”. Successful businesses of tomorrow will be those who understand and meet their customer’s micro-moment needs.

In 2015, Moz conducted a local search ranking survey. You may find reviewing their results to be highly beneficial to your business strategies.

Pay special attention to their “Negative Ranking Factors” and be sure your business details online are corrected wherever necessary … and be able to verify your business with your Google Business Profile account.

That term realtors like to use … location, location, location … is a local business’ best asset. Relating to your customers is your key to success and you need to leverage it because local is the new “in”. It has been said that 98% will increase their shopping local in the not-to-near future.

Perhaps it’s time for local businesses to focus more on branding and less on conversions with ad impressions? By having a recognizable local brand, when your brand name appears in search results your brand will be more apt to be selected. For this reason, you may want to consider building your brand around all of your marketing promotions.

Effective local SEO strategies to consider

  1. Online Directories

    Moz has helped by identifying top American citation sites, starting with Accounting. However, Canadian businesses can conduct an internet search for Canadian and/or provincial online directories and go from there. Be prepared to spend hours entering your business details to online directories … and make SURE your information is consistent in ALL of them.

  2. Get Reviews
    Ask your customers for reviews of your business on their Google+ account. Those star ratings look impressive to searchers and will increase the visibility of your business.

  3. Research Your Competition
    Analysing where your competitors are strong in the local market will better arm you with how to compete better with them in your local market place. You might even be able to get out ahead of your competition by exploring SEO techniques they are not using.

  4. Get Your Visitors to Visit Your Site Longer
    Make sure you offer quality information that your visitors will be hungry for. When visitors stay longer, your bounce rates go down and Google will rank your site higher. It only stands to reason. If your website offers what searchers are looking for, Google will like you best!

  5. Run a branding campaign

    With content shared on so many different, well recognized sites, your business will improve ranking in search results.

Offline SEO Works Too

Simple strategies you can use in driving your offline contact to use your website.

  1. You business card: Add a QR code so users can search for something on your website. Make it fun for people to visit your website.

  2. Create a flyer that asks people to Google your brand name and service (example: “Keith plumber”) to find an answer to a competition you create on the flyer.

  3. On your brochures, be sure to include shortened links to digital freebies to drive people to your website to get them.

  4. Use positive reviews on your business print media and direct people to search for them.

  5. Use signs to create calls-to-action or key words that your customers should search for. You can place this sign on your store font … or on any offline advertising you create.

By mixing up the many different types of media available to be used in advertising your business, you can benefit much with offline SEO too.

Top Reasons Google Suspends Local Listings

Apparently, 80% of local businesses have not taken advantage of local SEO. This means that by creating your local 3-pack listing, following Google’s guidelines (keeping all the information stated above in mind), as well as having a well designed and maintained website (including basic SEO) and you will be well ahead of your competitors!