Finding Customers with Classified Ads

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Ever wonder how it is that so many other business owners are able to get those customers you only dream of?

Well, you need dream no more, because you too can enjoy advertising your products and/or services too… in some cases, even for free!

My suggestion here is that you create a simply written classified ad, without divulging too much information, and be sure to include a URL where the reader can find out more about what you are offering.

Here is an example of a classified ad that was published in several different major city local newspaper’s across Canada whenever we were seeking provincial writers for Canada’s Family History News newsletter:
FindingPotentialCustomers.w.ClassifiedAds-image02At the stated URL published in this ad, was a full page detailing which provincial writer(s) were being sought along with other elements in which to qualify the person who would be hired for the job posting.

You would be surprised to learn just how many FindingPotentialCustomers.w.ClassifiedAds-image01job seekers did NOT follow the instructions posted on this web page. Many were just too desperate and simply faxed (that’s when we had a fax number, mind you!) or emailed their resumes.

I’m sure too that you won’t be surprised when I tell you that not one of those who faxed or simply attached their resume to an email message was ever hired.

The reasons they were not hired:
     1) because they did not follow instructions, and
     2) we had no intention of hiring a desperate person.

We were willing to wait for that one person who was anxious to begin writing about genealogical events within their province. I discovered long ago that desperate people tend to move on rather quickly, in search of that proverbial “pot of gold.”

Seriously, I waited …and in some cases…waited, for that ONE emailed message with the following (or something similar) line: “When can I start?”

It was only after receiving that email that I would ask the person to attach a resume to an email to me, for the files.

This method worked WONDERS! Seriously, and I’ll share with you here, why it worked so well.

By setting up a web page with the information posted on it (including links to pertinent info when necessary) to attract that personality we were looking for in a writer, the web page became our very inexpensive, Human Resource Manager. This method saved money and time (…and potential frustration!) interviewing many, in order to find the one.

Think about it for a minute.

We didn’t even have to worry about hearing anything negative from those who wanted something for nothing …or… from those who discovered the job expected too much of them. No! If anyone grumbled about the details that were posted, they would be complaining to their monitor and then simply leave the website.

For the one who truly wanted to start work as a provincial writer, clear instructions were posted, stating how to contact us once their decision was made. We always eventually heard from that one writer we were looking for; this method always worked!

In the meantime, we were left free to fulfill other responsibilities in publishing the national publication.

Remember too: when you pay for business classified ads they are tax deductible!

So… what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for FREE classified ads, try searching the internet for “free classified ads” or try Craigslists and/or Kijiji

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