When Free Isn’t Free at All – Using Template Images Can Cost You Severely!


Okay, so you just downloaded and installed a really neat looking, free WordPress template to your website. Wow, and the image used in the header is soooo awesome, you figure, “why not keep it.”

Let me tell you from experience… free isn’t free at all. And, using template images CAN cost you severely!

If you use the image(s) supplied in free templates, you’re opening yourself up to a potential law suit. Continue reading

How a Website Can Help Grow Your Offline Business

If as a business owner, you haveHow-a-Website-Can-Help-Grow-Your-Offline-Business-header passion in what you do and you’re not afraid to show it, a well constructed website CAN help you grow your offline business.

What do I mean by “well constructed website”, you ask? I mean that you need to follow the proper ways of constructing a website and not just have your teenager throw a few things about your business online.

  1. You need to have a relevant domain name. To help you figure this out, let me ask you this question: Continue reading

Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog

So, you say you have a website with at least four web pages; home (or landing) page, about, contact, and pricing. Now you need to add at least one more web page … a blog.

Your main web pages may be HTML pages, and you ask is HTML or WordPress better to use. The easiest style for a blog that I have found to use is WordPress. You can easily have WordPress installed in a subdirectory (folder) on your present website.

You don’t need to label your blog as such on your navigation bar. Try being creative Continue reading