October 14, 2016

7 Blogging Blunders You Should Avoid

1) Search box missing.
This is an important usability feature that when missing could frustrate, and even discourage your readers.
How can you expect your readers to find anything without a means of searching your blog?

2) Contact page missing.
A contact page is your “connection” to your readers.
Making yourself more “reachable” to your readers can make your blog appear more personable.

3) Bad choice of text type better known as font.
Be sure to choose the right style of font, font size, and spacing to make reading your blog posts more comfortable for your readers.

4) Complicated navigation.
Not using drop-down menus can simplify navigating your blog.
Too many options can confuse readers.
“Keep It Simple Silly” rule applies here!

7 Blogging Blunders You Should Avoid EXAMPLE

5) Links are invisible.
Always identify all of your links to your readers by either underlining them or using a different colour text.
Besides this, it is a violation of Google’s guidelines to use invisible links.

6) Ad overload!
NEVER overload your blog with ads … unless you want to discourage a reader that is.
Too much of anything can make your blog appear cluttered and tacky.
And … too many ads makes your blog look desperate to sell something … anything.

What is siloing

7) No Archive.
This feature can not only help your readers but also works to help search engine spiders, which in turn might help your website ranking in search results.
This option becomes even more vital if you do not have a XML sitemap (for search engines) already included on your website.

Great blogs are not created overnight. Post it and they will come doesn’t REALLY work either.

Following the basic rules of great website design and having at the very least, basic SEO done on your blog and you will be well on your way to success. Select a topic you are passionate about and that will help to sustain your momentum until the money starts rolling in.

If you found this post helpful, please share it … and … comments are greatly appreciated.

How a Website Can Help Grow Your Offline Business

If as a business owner, you have passion in what you do and you’re not afraid to show it, a well constructed website CAN help you grow your offline business.

What do I mean by “well constructed website”, you ask? I mean that you need to follow the proper ways of constructing a website and not just have your teenager throw a few things about your business online.

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March 14, 2016

Why Your Business Website Needs a Blog

So, you say you have a website with at least four web pages; home (or landing) page, about, contact, and pricing. Now you need to add at least one more web page … a blog.

Your main web pages may be HTML pages, and you ask is HTML or WordPress better to use. The easiest style for a blog that I have found to use is WordPress. You can easily have WordPress installed in a subdirectory (folder) on your present website.

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