Business Owners: Marketing online is so much more than just putting up a website.

Hi, my name is Paul Guerin from

When I first started my business I had a website that I thought was giving me great online exposure. However, every time I asked a new client how they had found my business, not one of them ever said they found me through a Google search.

Looking at my options I decided I needed to get my website updated to improve my online presence. This was when I contacted Trish at

Trish quickly went to work and provided a professional looking website at a much lower cost that I had anticipated. There are many things that have to be done in order to gain and maintain a page one ranking in Google. Trish maintains this ranking for my website through monthly managing.

Within three months of Trish launching my new website I gained enough new business to pay for the cost of the website. To me, this was a great return on my investment. Now when I ask my new clients how they found my business, many state that they found me through a Google search online. They also say that they are quite impressed with my website.

If you want to increase your online presence, I highly recommend contacting Trish at

I’m sure that she’ll be able to work her magic for your business just like she did for mine.

I’m Paul Guerin from

Feel free to check out my website as an example of what Trish can do for you. Thank you.

Note from Trish

A typical website designer will get a website up and running… but they know almost nothing about search engine optimization and/or driving traffic.

It makes sense, if you think about it… for the most part, website designers are not business people, but rather visual layout specialists.
Most do NOT…

  1. Understand nor have a working knowledge of HTML, PHP or JavaScript programming languages
  2. Know how to clean up unnecessary raw code (clean code makes your pages load faster)
  3. Do an analysis of your keywords
  4. Know the acceptable density of keywords
  5. Use meta-tags
  6. Know how to use web page titles to your advantage
  7. Conduct search engine optimization
  8. Create quality backlinks to your site
  9. Know how to use WYSIWYG HTML editing software

Thanks for dropping by,
my name
Trish Parr

P.S. Would you like a free evaluation of your website (value: $250.00)? Get your telephone ringing with new customers!

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And, for the “do-it-yourselfers”:

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